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Personal Information

Thank you

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Boston Terrier Rescue of East Tennessee. It's our mission to help Boston Terriers in need, and we can't do that without the support of dedicated volunteers. And there's a role for everyone to play. We need volunteers to transport dogs, attend events, do clerical-type work, and other positions! Thank you!

If you would like to foster or adopt a dog, please visit our website at to fill out a foster or adoption application instead. 

Volunteer Information & Background

In the event of an emergency, who should we contact?


Please provide three personal references. All should be non-family. 

Volunteer Agreement

1. I am volunteering at Boston Terrier Rescue of East Tennessee ("BTRET") on my own volition. No one is demanding that I participate in any activity with BTRET.

2. I will be participating in varied activities that will include constant or intermittent interaction with animals.

3. I will disclose any physical or psychological limitations to BTRET before participating in any activity. Since I will be interacting with dogs, both healthy and sick, big and small, and may also be lifting, carrying, moving or otherwise engaging in physical behavior, I will be respectful of my limitations and inform BTRET immediately of those limitations.

4. I will not be compensated for my efforts.

5. I will be legally and financially responsible for my own acts and omissions relating to the service I am voluntarily providing to BTRET.

6. I agree to allow pictures of myself (or my child, if under 18) to be used, without compensation, for the purpose of promotion and publicity related to BTRET.

7. In exchange participating in the activities of BTRET, I agree that neither myself not my family, nor any legal guardian, heir or assignee will sue or make claim or attach the property or BTRET for any injury or damage resulting from any act or omission whether the injury or the damage occurs by act of negligence or any other act by human, by physical condition or by animal. I understand that I am releasing BTRET from all claims, demands, or actions that I, my family, my heirs or any legal guardian, assignee or legal representative may have now or may have in the future for any injury or damage resulting from my participation in the activities at BTRET.

8. I am fully aware that I am assuming any and all risks associated with the activities at BTRET, and I agree to accept the consequences of such risks including but not limited to risk of injury, death and damage to personal property.

Type your name below to agree to our Volunteer Agreement and to verify that all answers you provide are true and correct.

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