Volunteer Application

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Personal Information

Basic Volunteering

Rules and Dress Codes

Dress Code: (Volunteers and Community Service workers)

No open toed shoes if working with animals.

No baggy jeans (if I can see your underwear, you will be asked to leave)

No shorts when working with animals.

No offensive pictures or wording on T-shirts (includes drug related materials).


You are not to be in the office area unless specifically asked to do something there.

Do not answer the business telephone.

You are not allowed to use the computer.

Do not rearrange or move anything without employee telling you to do so or you notifying employee

Do not try to answer questions from someone at the shelter to adopt an animal. Explain to them that you are a volunteer, then find the manager or Shelter staff member.

When prospective adopters or other members of the public are viewing the animals, please refrain from entering the conversations between that person and the Shelter employee.

Please do not interfere with employees working with Animal Control Officers.

Abusive language, insubordination, or any physical abuse will not be tolerated.

Volunteer Agreement and Release of Liability

I, the undersigned, have applied to be a volunteer for the Friends of the Jeanette Hunt Animal Shelter and that upon acceptance into the volunteer program; I hereby acknowledge and agree to the following:

  1. That I will follow and abide by the procedures, policies and training presented to me for participation in the Volunteer Program and will take any comments, complaints or other suggestions regarding the program directly to the Shelter Manager.
  2. That I authorize the Shelter Manager or staff to seek emergency medical treatment for me in case of accident, injury, or illness.  Furthermore, I understand that it is important to have a tetanus vaccination before joining the volunteer program and thus, I understand that it is important to discuss being vaccinated against tetanus with my physician.  I therefore, release the Friends of the Jeanette Hunt Animal Shelter, its agents, staff member, other volunteers, and the City of Blair from all injuries, claims or other loss that I may incur because of my pursuing this matter further and receiving a tetanus vaccination.
  3. That neither this agreement nor my participation in the volunteer program shall be interpreted or give rise to an employee/employer relationship between myself and the Friends of the Jeanette Hunt Animal Shelter.  I understand that I am not an employee while participating in the volunteer program and will receive no compensation or other employee benefits.
  4. That I understand that the behavior of domestic animals is at time unpredictable and that some domestic animals are capable of inflicting property damage, serious personal injury and even death.  I am aware of the risks of handling domestic animals and with such understanding, I hereby waive, release and forever discharge the Friends of the Jeanette Hunt Animal Shelter, its employees, agents or trainers and City of Blair from any and all claims (whether present or future) arising out of my participation in the volunteer program.
  5. That I have read and understand this entire agreement, specifically the release of liability in paragraph 4 above, and acknowledge that participating in the volunteer program shall be at my sole risk.  I further agree that if any portion of this agreement is held invalid, the remainder thereof will continue in full legal force and effect.

Setting Up Volunteer Times

Once you have submitted the Volunteer Application, please email Rachel to set up certain times and days to volunteer.  You may email Rachel at manager@blairanimalshelter.org  

We do not always get to the Volunteer Applications fast enough.  By emailing, you will get on the schedule faster to volunteer and help our previous fur friends.


You can save your current form progress and come back later.
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