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Renting does not disqualify you from adopting from our rescue.

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Animal Rescue Matchmaking Service


Our passion is to connect animals in need with the perfect homes. We committ a significant amound of time to pairing you with the perfect animal and ask that when comitting to the program you do not seek out other animals once we have identified an animal for you. Once you have confirmed an animal you'd like to move forward with. We coordinate transportation to Colorado and they are then placed in your care as a foster to adopt. This gives you and your family time to decide if the animal is the perfect fit. Once they are adoption ready, you get first pick at adopting them. If they are not the right fit, we work to adopt them out and start the process again to find you another animal. We are fully comitted to find you the perfect fit before you move forward with adopting.

Once your application has been approved, we will be in touch about next steps and do require you sign a Matchmaking Agreement. We look forward to pairing you with the perfect pet! 

Trevor's Animal Rescue Matchmaking Team

You can save your current form progress and come back later.
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