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General Guidelines for the Ranch
PARKING – Volunteers can park in the lot to the front left of the property.
ENTER by the Volunteer Gate, which is the smaller gate left of Arrow’s Suite.
Be careful of GOPHER HOLES when walking on the property.
If you see a POOP, please PICK IT UP. Pick up dog poop using bags or small poop scoop and put in the poop cans. 
In the dog PLAY ALLEYS, please use the designated poop scoops to pick up poop and dispose in the poop cans. If it’s runny, wash down and disinfect with spray bottle.
No TRANSPORTING dogs until approved to do so.
BATHROOM – There is a bathroom at the back of the Lodge that Volunteers can use.  If a second option is needed, there is one in the house by the office.

Dog Walking/Handling Guidelines
Dogs need to WALK every morning starting at 9:00am, Monday – Sunday.
In the SUMMER or unseasonably HOT DAYS, the dogs will need to get out earlier. AVOID walking on blacktop and bring WATER for the dogs and for yourself.
CHECK-IN at the white board for Announcements from the staff and for them to retrieve a dog for you.
SIGN-OUT your dog on the white board and make sure to include your Cell Phone #.
MAKE A NOTE on the white board if you notice anything about our dogs while walking (limping, listless, sensitive ears, diarrhea, etc.).
PHONE on you, NOT on your phone.
KEEP DOG CLOSE on your left. NO Full Extension of leash, especially if you are near another dog.
NO TREATS of any kind for the dogs, unless it’s the kibble they are fed at mealtime.  If a dog needs to have treats brought along on their walk, please request some from the Ranch staff.
Dogs STAY ON LEASH outside the kennel, unless they are in a Play Yard (Alley).
No FACE to FACE with dog-to-dog, or dog-to-volunteer.
Be PRESENT and AWARE of your dog, other dogs, and your surroundings. If your dog or another Coastal dog is reactive, scared, or in distress - move your dog away in another direction.
LOOSE DOG ALERT: If there is ever a situation where a dog has gotten loose at the Ranch, please yell out “Loose dog! Close all gates!” to notify everyone ASAP.
NEWLY RESCUED DOGS will need time to adjust and get settled into their new home. 
COASTAL “SPLASH ZONE” POOL – we are establishing guidelines for using the pool with the dogs. Until further notice, Denise must be present and supervise any pool activities. 
NO walking dogs on the road OUTSIDE the Ranch’s front entrance. (It’s busy and can be scary/dangerous for our dogs.) Please walk dogs around the interior of the property ONLY.
READ and RESPECT what the dog is telling you. For example: if a dog is being very resistant to walking near an object or person, and telling you by his/her body language and/or verbally, DO NOT try to force the dog to go in that direction. Instead, walk away from the source of discomfort for the dog. 
If a fellow walker is out of poop bags and you are going to give them one to use - please place the bag on the ground and walk your dog away to another area.  DO NOT try to hand over a bag while you both have dogs on your other arm.

Retrieving/Pulling Dogs
In the morning, DESIGNATED PERSONNEL will get the dogs out of their kennel in the Lodge/Bunk House and bring them to you. 
DO NOT pull a dog from an Outside Kennel Run unless you’ve been taught how we pull dogs safely and securely.
After being trained, you can put a dog back in their designated Outside Kennel Run. Please make sure the run is secured. Make sure the SAFETY CLIP and/or BAR is in place.

As a Reminder
ALWAYS CHECK that the dog's COLLARS and LEASHES and SAFETY CLIP are securely attached (especially the PINCH COLLARS).
Check to see which dogs can be PUT NEXT TO EACH other in a Kennel Run or Play Yard/Alley.
NO DOGS SHOULD BE LEFT UNSUPERVISED in the Play Yards/Alleys, unless they are approved for this. Please check with Ranch Staff first.
When putting a dog in an ALLEY or KENNEL RUN, please make sure the WATER BUCKETS are CLEAN and FULL.
DO NOT HAVE TWO DOGS in the Alleys together unless they are an Approved Pair. 
Remember our BASIC RULES, no Face-to-Face interactions with the dogs. We can’t stress this enough.
DO NOT pull a Ball or Toy out of a dog’s mouth.
DON'T LET DOWN YOUR GUARD. We need to be EVER VIGILANT to protect the Dogs, our Volunteers, and our Rescue.

General Ranch Housekeeping
Throw trash out, ESPECIALLY FOOD & FOOD WRAPPERS, in covered bins only. We want to keep the RODENTS out – they are everywhere!
RECYCLE – there are designated bins for recycling of plastic bottles, cans, and glass.
PUT BACK dog brushes, Furminators, etc. back to their designated storage area, so we can all find them again.
CLOSE SHED DOORS – always close the shed doors whenever you go in there or notice that the door has been left open. We don’t want to invite mice, insects, and other rodents.
If you SEE TRASH, help everyone out by PICKING UP trash laying around.
IF YOU SEE KIBBLE ON THE GROUND, PLEASE THROW IT OUT IN COVERED BINS. Kibble and any other food that is left out, or on the ground, invites COYOTES and other unwanted guests.
The WATER PRESSURE at the Ranch is high. Always TURN THE WATER OFF after you have used it so we don’t blow out the hoses.
If you see a DOOR or GATE open to the outside, CLOSE IT so that if a dog is loose he/she can’t get out and escape the property.
Thank You!

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