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Personal Information

General Information

PLEASE READ: Touch of Grey Rescue considers all owner surrender for altered dogs over the age of 7 years old that reside in the state of Florida. If you are surrendering multiple dogs fill out a separate form for each. If we are unable to intake your dog we will provide additional resources and provide a courtesy post of your dog on our social media.

PLEASE READ: We no longer intake senior cats as we are not equipped with cat-specific fosters- we will share a courtesy post for cats over the age of 7 years old that reside in the state of Florida

List an exact date.
Are you able to hold onto your dog longer? Surrender to a shelter? Euthansia? Etc.
If you have pet records please let us know!
Rabies, DHPP (distemper and parvo)
List what medication they take
Please list any medical conditions your pet has and/or current treatments. If your pet is experiencing symptoms and the condition has not been diagnosed list that too.
Please know that this will not affect whether or not we accept your dog/cat into rescue. We only use this information to find them the best fit for a foster home.
If your pet utilizes pee pads in the home or needs to be let out X number of hours apart please include this information in your answer.
If you need temporary assistance with covering pet food, prescriptions, minor vet bills, etc.. Please explain below.
This helps us advertise your pet better on social media. More descriptive, the better. Do they have a favorite toy, a cute snore, love to walk, etc?
The amount will vary depending on the dog’s needs.
Please include an email address and/or phone number where people can contact you.

You can save your current form progress and come back later.
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