Volunteer Application/Waiver

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Personal Information

Welcome to the team! We are glad to have you!

Thank you for your interest in joining the Pets Without Parents team! There are so many opportunities to make a difference. We appreciate you reaching out to volunteer your time, skills, and heart to the mission of rescue at PWP! Your kindness makes a difference and together we create a larger impact for pets and their people. 
Currently PWP is recruiting volunteers that meet the following criteria:

  • At least 18 years of age (we have plans to open our youth volunteer program in the future)
  • Committed to at least 4 hours a month for at least 1 year of service at PWP 
  • We are currently unable to accommodate court or short-term community services hours. 
  • All pets in the home must be vaccinated and free of contagious illness.
  • Eagerness to improve the quality of life for pets at PWP!

About You!

Please provide the name (first and last) and relation of your emergency contact.
Please let us know if you have any skill or connections that you would like to offer to Pets Without Parents. Whatever your talent, use it rescue pets!
Do you need to know that a volunteer opportunity meets certain criteria to be comfortable/ accessible to you? Let us know so that we can help collect information about specific volunteer opportunities.
Choose all that apply.

PWP Waiver of Liability and Assumption of Risk

I agree to volunteer for Pets Without Parents and to comply with all rules, regulations, and directions communicated by Pet Without Parents.

As a volunteer, I agree to represent Pets Without Parents to the public in an accurate and professional manner that corresponds with the values of Pets Without Parents. I understand that failure to do so could increase risk of injury or illness to myself or others and may result in immediate termination as a volunteer.

I understand that as a volunteer of Pets Without Parents I will be subjecting myself to possible contact with animals of unknown or unpredictable dispositions and behaviors and possible zoonotic disease. I understand that I will be exposed to a variety of conditions and activities that could result in injury or illness. This applies to onsite and off-site volunteering. I herby assume the risks and am legally bound for myself, my heirs, affiliates, executors, and administrators. I herby fully and forever release any and all claims, loss, damage, liability, costs, or expenses I may have against Pets Without Parents, its agents, employees, volunteers, officers, affiliates, and directors. I understand it is my responsibility to discuss the ability to engage in activities, conditions, and environments with my doctor. I understand that age, health, and pregnancy could increase my risk of injury and illness.  By participating, I am consenting that I am fully capable and responsible for any risks.

I agree that Pets Without Parents may photograph, video, or document my participation and hereby release any use of this material. I agree that I forfeit the rights to any materials or efforts developed during volunteering, even if expenses were incurred.


From all of us at PWP, thank you for joining our team! We are excited to have you rescue with us!

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