Hands N Paws Animal Assistance
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Email: handsnpaws@outlook.com

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Please answer the following questions to the best of your ability. Each question answered makes it easier to place the animal in a new home.

Release Authorization

By choosing yes below, the person surrendering the animal acknowledges that they are the LEGAL OWNER or THE PERSON WHO FOUND the animal and that they have disclosed any known health or behavioral issues and are providing authorization for Hands ‘N Paws to contact the animal's veterinarian to obtain records; that they give Hands ‘N Paws ownership and the right to market the animal for adoption purposes and make decisions for foster or adoption placement; and (if continuing to foster the animal(s) in-home) that they will make the animal available for viewing when we receive inquiries from potential adopters. Hands ‘N Paws reserves the right to terminate the Agreement if the animal subsequently displays aggression, undisclosed life threatening health issues or other characteristics that make it unable to be placed. The owner will reclaim the animal upon notification. If not claimed within one (1) week of attempted contact, Hands ‘N Paws may euthanize the animal. If the owner chooses to terminate the Agreement with Hands ‘N Paws prior to an adoptative placement of the animal, the owner agrees to be responsible for costs incurred by Hands ‘N Paws for medical care and marketing efforts ($50 minimum). The owner agrees to not attempt to reclaim the animal after adoptive placement. provisions of this contract is in Grant County, Washington. If any dispute arises out of the contract, the prevailing party shall be entitled to an award of attorney fees and reasonable costs associated with the dispute. You agree with the items above and agree to surrendering the animal to Hands 'N Paws Animal Assistance.

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