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Are you interested in volunteering at our new Isolation Facility?

One of the main areas of the rescue where we need ongoing volunteer manpower is in our Isolation Facility in Amesbury MA. Per MA regulations, we isolate our puppies and dogs for 48 hours upon arrival to the state and we accept transports two to three times per month. We have a beautiful isolation kennel (ISO) where we care for these pups during their stay. Though we do have a daily "helping hands" shift which requires less physical labor (laundry, dishes, refilling supplies, and similar), the other work involves handling puppies and dogs, lots of kennel cleaning, feeding + watering, baths, and providing enrichment to these pups––it is physical work but very gratifying. 

Aside from fostering, this is how a volunteer can be hands-on with our pups. We don't have the need for dog walking as we don't operate like a traditonal shelter and our foster homes provide that for our puppies and dogs once they are discharged. 

If you want to volunteer by bring a pup into your home temporarily by FOSTERING, are home more than not (out of the home / full time work schedules do not work well for our pups) please also navigate to our foster page on our website and submit a foster application, we'd love to have you! 

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