Seventh Heaven's Rescue Volunteer Application

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Personal Information

Areas of Interest

Once you have completed the entire applicaiton please review and list below two areas of interest (i.e. Transport and processing)

Processing Adoption and Foster Applications

Processing Applications: The rescue receives and processes adoption and foster applications every day of the week so if you are good on the phone, reliable and readily available to help. Then please submit your application to be a processor.
Example: MWF 9am - 8pm

Level of Experience

Transport Help

Transport: We are always in need of a helping hand with transporting our rescue dogs. This would include trips to the veterianarian, the shelter, adopter's homes, boarding facilityes, and adoption events.
Example: MWF 12pm to 9pm

Home Visit Help

Home Visits: we aim to find loving homes for our dogs all over the northeast. In order to ensure our dogs will lead a safe, happy life after adoption, we rely on volunteers to inspect potential foster and adopter's homes. Conducting a home visit is the key to a sucess for our rescue babies. The visit involves contacting the potential and setting up an appointment for the home visit, as well as a visual inspection of the entire property and the filing of a home report with our home visit coordinator.

Events/Fundraising Help

Adoption Events: If you are interested in assisting the rescue with organizing an adoption event, assisting at the event itself, helpig advertise for the event, or putting up flyers it is a great help in finding the dogs homes.

Dog Walkers/Visiting our dogs in Boarding/Vets Offices.

Visiting Dogs in Boarding: If you are comfortable walking and interacting with all kinds of dogs, you may wish to walk and spend time with our dogs who are not yet in their forever homes. This responsibility is location dependent.


At times we will have cats that need help

Best way to contact you

Thank you for your time in completing this application. We appreciate your desire to help rescue animals with us. If you do not hear form our volunteer coordinator within the next 7 days please reach out to us.

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