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Veterinary Care Contract - First Seven Days Post Adoption ****PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO READ EACH PORTION OF THIS FORM****

In order for a MatchDog to travel across state lines we require a health certificate from a licensed veterinarian. Out MatchDogs are issued health certificates within 1- week of their journey to New Jersey stating they are healthy and vaccinated in accordance with New Jersey regulations.
By checking "I agree" below you are confirming that you understand the above conditions, explanations, processes, and requirements concerning our veterinary care agreements. You further acknowledge that you have received your new pet's micro-chip and any medications or preventatives that were tailored for your MatchDog
Please check "YES" to indicate you understand that you must text 856 628 1292 if you have serious medical concern that requires MatchDog's attention.

The Parties hereto agree that the owners (person adopting the dog) shall abide by the following conditions

MatchDog Rescue Donations are partially tax deductible and this is your receipt. Please consult your tax preparer for the amount you may deduct.

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