Baldwin County Spay/Neuter Initiative

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Personal Information

Rescue Contact


Please list all required information for each pet you need assistance for. 

Surgical Consent

I guarantee this is my personal pet and the animal(s) has/have not been obtained illegally or forcefully from someone else. 

I understand that Island of Misfits and it's volunteers are only providing scheduling assistance in order for me to obtain discounted surgical sterilization for my pet. 

I understand that this is not a voucher program and that Safe Harbor Animal Coalition and it's veterinarian(s) will be performing the surgery at the Safe Harbor Surgery Center in Foley.

I understand I will be financially responsible for the medical costs of surgical sterilization at the Island of Misfits discounted rate. Cats/Kittens $70 and Dogs $95. (Spay/Neuter and Rabies Vaccination Included in price, proof of Rabies prior to surgical date will result in a $5 discount)

I understand that I will be responsible for any additional services I request. 

I understand that the clinic where my pet is scheduled for surgical sterilization is NOT run by Island of Misfits or it's staff/volunteers and they are not responsible for any injuries or damages, including death of the pet, that may occur due to general anesthesia or medical procedures. 

I understand that I am responsible for providing transportation to and from drop off location and will abide by the drop off and pick up locations and times.

I agree to sign any and all required anesthesia consent forms provided by the assigned clinic. 

I agree I will provide proof of Rabies Vaccine or pay to obtain that from the surgical clinic in accordance with Alabama State Law. 

Any cancellations result in lost surgical space for needy animals in our area. I understand that if I do not notify a minimum of 72 hours prior to surgery of my cancelation that I will forfeit my payment as a donation. Any cancelations made at least 72 hours in advance can be rescheduled for the following surgical date. 

All payments are nonrefundable. 


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