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Personal Information

Boarding Information

Thank you for boarding your guinea pig(s) with us. While in our care, your guinea pig(s) will be housed safely indoors and treated with love and care. We hope that having us care for your guinea pig(s) gives you peace of mind while traveling away from home.

Boarding Fees:
Single guinea pig: $15 per night
Bonded pair in a single cage: $25 per night
Bonded trio in a single cage: $30 per night
(*10% discount on total stay for our fosters)

Some examples of boarding costs:
     • Two guinea pigs who share a cage (2 pigs, 1 cage): $25 per night
     • Two guinea pigs, each in a separate cage (2 pigs, 2 cages): $15 + $15 = $30 per night
     • Three guinea pigs, two of which share a cage, with the other one being each in a separate cage (3 pigs, 2 cages): $25 + $15 = $40 per night
     • Five guinea pigs, with two sharing a cage, and the other three sharing a second cage (5 pigs, 2 cages): $25 + $30 = $55

Pick-up must be before 5pm, otherwise an extra night will be charged.

Included in the boarding fee, we provide:
     • cage
     • pellet bowl
     • water bottle
     • (chew) toys
     • hiding box/igloo
     • bedding
     • hay
     • pellets - Oxbow Adult Guinea PIg or Young Guinea PIg pellet (depending on the age of the guinea pig(s)
     • daily vegetables
You just bring your guinea pig(s)!

We have extensive experience with special needs guinea pigs and can also provide the following services for an additional fee:
     • oral medication: +$2/dose
     • assist feeding: +$10/feeding
     • nursing care (wound cleaning, bathing, bandaging): +$5/activity
     • vet visit: +$25/visit (vet visit costs will be paid directly to the vet clinic; this cost is just for taking the animal in)
     • nail clipping: $15 ($10 for each additional guinea pig)

50% deposit required to hold reservation. Remainder due upon drop-off.
Payment can be made through Petstablished; please select Hold Deposit in the Donation Type drop-down menu.


About your Guinea Pig(s)

If you're boarding multiple guinea pigs, please list your answers using a numbered list. For example, if you were to board three guinea pigs, with the first two sharing a cage, you'd list them as: 1. Fluffy, male, 2 years (Cage A) 2. Roberto, male, 3 years (Cage A) 3. Speedy, female, 3 months (Cage B)
Please list all medications with detailed instructions for dosage, timing of administration, etc. Also describe any other medical care that will be required for each guinea pig (e.g., wound care, trips to the vet, etc.). Please note additional costs will apply for providing medical care (see above).

Emergency Information

Please provide clinic's name, address, and telephone number.


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