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Do you have a Rottweiler that you can no longer keep? If you can no longer care for your friend and must give him up, please complete our owner surrender form. Please realize Rotten Rottie Rescue cannot accept Rottweiler’s from all over the country. We concentrate on helping Rottweiler’s in the State of Arizona. Rottweilers are in abundance in Maricopa and Pinal Counties, so we are never without Rottweilers who need our help. Rotten Rottie Rescue is a purebred rescue and as such, we are sorry to say we are not always able to accept Rottweiler mixes. If the dog in your possession is not a purebred Rottweiler please contact a local mixed breed rescue. However if your Dog’s primary breed is Rottweiler and he looks Rottie, we may be able to accept him/her if we have an opening and if he/she passes our evaluation. Please know foster homes for Rottweilers are few and far between so you may be asked to foster your Rottweiler until an opening can be found. As you may or may not realize, moving any dog from place to place is very stressful for them, so if you are able to foster your dog until a good home can be found, that certainly would be the best scenario for your dog.Your Dog must be current on vaccines, Spayed/Neutered, heartworm tested and micro chipped before any adoption is possible. The owner must make a $200.00 surrender fee to Rotten Rottie Rescue to help us recover some of the cost of preparing your Dog for adoption. If you are unable to meet these prerequisites, please explain more about your situation here, and then continue to complete the rest of this form. Rotten Rottie Rescue will consider your circumstances, and a decision will be made to determine if your dog will be accepted into Rotten Rottie Rescue. It may take several days for us to get back to you with the results of this decision, please be patient. If any questions are left un-answered, this form will NOT be considered. It is extremely important that you answer all questions and answer them truthfully.If you are surrendering your dog due to severe temperament or behavioral problems, then we may ask that you make a larger donation to pay for some of the costs associated with training and modifying the dogs behavior. The amount will be determines on a case by case basis.You are also requested to submit pictures of your dog, preferably a front and side view to determine that the dog is definitely a Rottweiler and to help us network for a foster home for the dog.. The pictures must be clear and not blurry. If you have more than one dog to surrender, please fill out one application for each dog, making sure your name and email address is on each application. If we have any further questions, we will contact you by phone or by email

Surrendering your Rottweiler

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