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There are countless ways that rescue organizations need help to stay up and running! National Newfoundland Rescue Inc. is a 100% volunteer based rescue, which means that we relay on people donating their skills and time to help us be successful. 

If you're interested in joining our team as a volunteer, please complete the below information and someone will reach out to you as soon as possible. 

If yes, please complete our online foster application
We are always looking for people that can help mentor new adopters, as well as people who are maybe looking for some guidance to avoid having to surrender their dogs. If you have experience that you feel would benefit others, we'd love to talk and see how you can help.
Unfortunately, some of the dogs that come into rescue have either not had the best start in life, have been neglected, or may just need a "spa day" to look their best for potential adopters. We're always looking for people who have grooming experience that are willing to help our dogs look and feel their very best.
Being a national organization, sometimes we have dogs come into rescue where there many not be a volunteer that can take them. In these cases, we need to rely on transport to get them to a soft place to land. While there are several commercial transport companies out there, the preference is to have the dogs transported by volunteers. While this is certainly more cost effective, the main reason is that its significantly less stressful and safer for the dog. If you're willing to transport, please complete the Transport Liability Waiver on our website as well.
We get a LOT of applications in and, like everything we do, we rely on volunteers to be able to process these applications. Having volunteers who can help with things like vet reference checks, home ownership verification, reference checks, and things like that is critical to helping us get dogs placed quickly.
Without a doubt, the most important step in our application process is the home visit. This is where we get to know the families, see the environment, and make the decisions on what kind of dog would be best in a particular home. Having volunteers throughout the country that can do this is so important since as much as we try, we can't be in all places.

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