Welcome to the Petstablished Microchip Registry!

Registering your pet has never been easier! And what’s even better? When you register your pet in our database, two dollars ($2) of every microchip registration fee paid goes to help AWOs who need it most!


If you found a lost pet and/or want to look up a pet's microchip number please click the link below.


fast facts

One in three pets (33%) will become lost at one point during their life

Only about 22% of dogs and less than 2% of cats entering shelters are reunited with their families

Approximately 52% of microchipped dogs and 38% of microchipped cats are reunited with their families

Only 58% of microchipped pets’ microchip numbers were registered in a database with the owner’s contact information

Why register my pet's microchip

It is estimated that more than 10 million pets in the US are lost or stolen each year. Microchipping your pet is the crucial first step in pet identification; however in the event that your pet is lost or stolen, he or she cannot be identified unless your contact information is on file in the Petstablished microchip database. To ensure you are associated with your pets, you can register your pet’s microchip number here for a one-time fee of $12.99 which is good for the life of the pet. We share the revenues we receive on registration with our partner animal welfare organizations and is just another way Petstablished gives back to shelters and rescues!

Did You Know?

At one point in time, chips starting with 900 were considered problematic. Why? There were different manufacturers whose chips started with 900, numerous microchip registries, and no centralized database connecting the individual registries. This made it virtually impossible to reunite the pet with the owner.

Fortunately, due to advances in technology, this is no longer a problem. The American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) has created the first centralized database which consolidates all chip numbers from major registries throughout the U.S. Whether or not a chip number starts with 900, as long as it has been registered in a participating microchip registry, it can be found using AAHA's search. Since Petstablished is a participating pet recovery service registry in the AAHA program, any pet microchipped with the Petstablished chip can be found in this database.


  • We are a participating registry in the American Animal Hospital Association database (AAHA), the most trusted centralized database in the world. If your pet is lost, your pet’s microchip number is searchable in AAHA’s database.
  • National pet recovery database and implanter/scanner network.
  • Lifetime enrollment with no annual registration fees.
  • Secure, private pet recovery database.

(For more information on purchasing our microchips and microchip program, please visit our Microchip Services or FAQ pages.)

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