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Dogs and Cats of the Dominican Republic

About Fania

Fania is currently being fostered in the Dominican Republic.

Dear new best friend,
My name is Fania, I am about 7 months old and around 30 pounds. I have been spayed, vaccinated and microchipped.
I was living a very lonely life on the streets of the Dominican when an angel disguised as a DCDR Volunteer decided to give my a second chance at life and took me in under her wing. She gave me a safe spot to stay, lots of food and love, I will be forever grateful for her!
However, it is time for me to find my forever home!
I am smart, curious, playful and super cute (don’t you think?). I am well behaved around other dogs and get along well with them. I have not met any children or cats but I really think that I would enjoy them!
I like going on walks, but really would rather run free in a fenced in area or large county lot!
If you think that I would be the perfect snuggle bug for you please fill out an adoption application, I am most definitely willing to travel to make it home to you! Let the ladies know so I have some time to pack my suitcase!

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Island Mix

Blackie is heading to Ontario on February 22nd!. UPDATE!! The staff at Coconut Hound Haven have been working with Blackie, he is making... show more

Blackie is heading to Ontario on February 22nd!. UPDATE!! The staff at Coconut Hound Haven have been working with Blackie, he is making so much progress. We are now very thrilled to say that he is getting along very well with female dogs and is no longer having any issue. Currently he is even being housed with a couple of male dogs and is having no problems. He still does not enjoy having a male dog up in his face alot and will give a warning when he has had enough. As long as they listen a leave him be there is no issue. He is doing so much better. Ideally a home for him could have a female in it however he is still not practiced enough to gaurentee success with a male. We are really hoping this will allow him to find his forever home! My name is Blackie, I am 1 year old, about 30 pounds. I have been neutered, microchipped and am up to date on all my vaccines. I absolutely LOVE humans and all the attention that they give me. I am here to make you smile with my sweet and calm demeanor. I however am not always a fan of other dogs (especially other boys) being around when I am eating. I like to enjoy my food alone. I have never been around children or cats but the wonderful people here in the Dominican think that with a slow introduction, I would do just fine! I have a heart of gold and so much love to give. I am currently staying at Coconut Hound Haven and would love to find a home that would welcome me! I am totally willing to make a airplane trip if that means a warm bed and loving forever family to stay with! Although I am still young I am a very quiet and calm dog and feel I would do best in the same type of environment. Check out my photo, my eyes say it all! If you would like to give me a second chance at life, please fill out an adoption application below! show less

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Island Mix

**Carmenia will be going to Ontario on Feb 22nd and will be looking for her forever home. She will be fostered in Kingston, Ontario!! He... show more

**Carmenia will be going to Ontario on Feb 22nd and will be looking for her forever home. She will be fostered in Kingston, Ontario!! Hello Everyone! My name is Carmenia and I am a proud DCDR rescue! Living a happy life on the beach was great until I became ill. I lost a lot of weight and you could see every bone in my little body. At one point all I could do was lay there. I could not get up to go find food or water. Not being able to move, I prepared for the worst and was very sad. But then something beyond magical transpired. I opened my eyes to see two beautiful, gentle souls were looking at me. They put me in a car and took me to a place were I was looked at and then put in a resting place with food and water. I felt safe there and just slept. A few hours later another person craddled me in her arms and took me with her. Being so exhausted I feel asleep. When I woke up I was on a comfy bed with what is called a blankie on me. I felt so good! The lady who I later would learn was my foster mama had some yummy warm food in a bowl. It was so good and I gulped down from fresh water too. That exhausted me and I had to go potty but I would hold it. This was not going to be the case as the lady carried me out to the yard and was so gentle with me. She made sure I was steady on my feet before letting go of me. She told me to walk around a little bit to get my body going again. I was then carried back in bed and covered up. My foster mama fed me and took me outside every two hours for 10 days! Each day I got strong and felt so much better. I had some medication too that was fixing me all up. At first I just would walk around a bit outside and mama would carry me to the tiki hut during the evening and I would snuggle up beside her. Now I prance around any chance I get. I feel soo good and have the biggest grin on my face. Jumping up on the couch is not an issue and is a lot of fun. Eating on my own is great as mama leaves kibble and fresh water out all the time. I feel like a million bucks now after being cared for and nursed back to health. I am looking for my forever home now. I am a bit of an older gal. 9 years, spayed, UTD on shots, 31 pounds but should be 45-50 and microchipped. I am use to all sorts of people, children, cats and dogs. I would do better in an only dog home as I am really ejoying this one on one time with people. Update: Fen 9, 2019 When I brought Carmenia home she could not even walk. I had to carry her outside to pee and then bring her back in on her bed. Sleeping for days and days as she was exhausted. Giving her small health meals ever two hours and her medication helped a lot. It was a huge work in progress but I never gave up and neither did she. Together we got her stronger. One month later she is full of beans and can run like the other dogs. You would never know she was an older gal. Full of life and always, always hugging me and giving me kisses. I am so proud of Carmenia because she fought to live. ❤️ show less

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Island Mix

Casie is being fostered in the Ottawa, Ontario area! Dear future family, My name is Casie. I am 11 months old, spayed, micro chipped a... show more

Casie is being fostered in the Ottawa, Ontario area! Dear future family, My name is Casie. I am 11 months old, spayed, micro chipped and I am up to date on all of my vaccines. I was found not too long ago in a gutter along side of the road where I had been dumped. I was very malnourished, riddled with intestinal parasites (trust me it wasn't pretty) and so very scared. Some nice people came along, took me home, got me all fixed up and in no time I was doing so much better and was able to enjoy life! I am great with other dogs, children and cats! I really love cats, like really like them! I play very well with humans, big and little and I am told I am a lot of fun to be around. My favourtie part of the day is when my foster parents come home and I get to meet them at the door with my whole body wiggling! Then when they sit down on the couch I get to snuggle right in with them. I am a very smart girl and already know what to do you I am told to “sit”.I am still a bit shy and uncertain when I am walking outside, strangers make me nervous. Walking down the street I feel like I need to watch everything that is happening around me. I am doing much better in the back yard though and starting to sniff around and see what I can find! I really LOVE to be in the house. My favourite thing to do is gather all my toys and maybe a couple of other things laying around and hide them in my bed! My foster Mom tells me I am a goo girl because when I find her things laying around, I don't chew them, I just like to hide them on her. OHHHH, I also should probably tell you, I don't mind going pee outside on my walks but I still haven't quite got used to having to poop infront of people. I am shy still. I prefer to poop when everyone is out of the house and I am by myself. Sorry, I know I have to learn to poop outside but I just am not quite there yet. If you think that I would be a good match for your family, please fill out an adoption application below! I would love to find a family to stay with forever. show less

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Island Mix

"Hey! My name is Scooby. My last owners did not want me. It made me really sad. They asked the girls who come and help me with medicatio... show more

"Hey! My name is Scooby. My last owners did not want me. It made me really sad. They asked the girls who come and help me with medication if they wanted me. Well, luck was on my side that day and they said YES! THEY SAID YES!! Oh my goodness....I was so happy to go with them. Being out for the first time I was so excited and bounced around the car a lot. Eventually we arrived to the one ladies house where I would stay until a forever home was found. I like that idea. There were 20 plus dogs there and I was very happy about that. Lots of play time to catch up on. There were cats there too. It is great there as I can run, have fun and catch up on lost time. I am a big boy at 56 pounds and at 9 months. I am very strong and do not know my size. I am high energy and would do well with another dog in the house to keep me company and busy. Although I love kids, I am thinking it would be better to have older ones in the house with an owner who can handle me on my leash. My foster mama said i will settle down as I get a bit older. It is just that I am so happy and love everyone and I want everyone to love me. Don't forget to send in an application form with my name on it so we can snuggle in your bed soon." Lot of love, Scooby Scooby. DOB May 1, 2018. UTD shots. neutered. microchipped. 56 pounds. show less