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Male Adult Pit Bull Terrier / 31 Flavors Mixes

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About Wallaby

Wallaby A220160 Wallaby is a 5 year old neutered male who came into the shelter on 8/26 as a stray. Handling 9/13: Handling 8/27: Handling video: Leash Test: Leash test: Wallaby had some trauma right before coming to us. His poor tail was bloody and missing the last couple of inches. We don’t know what happened but he’s definitely a bit scared of life right now. In his kennel his fear is the worst and he needs encouragement to come out. Once outside, he slowly comes out of his shell. Wallaby can be jumpy when touched unexpectedly and cowers with fast overhead movements. His tail stayed tucked most of the first time out but he also remained close to his handler. He wants to be friends, he just has to go at his speed. Wallaby has the sweetest smile and cartoon eyes that bug out when he’s stressed. He will never have a poker face. Wallaby didn’t show any interest in toys or treats and wasn’t ready for commands either. He needs some time to adjust but we know he’s a huge sweetie under his nerves.

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Pit Bull Terrier

Bo A219509 Bo is a 7 month old neutered male who came into the shelter on 8/16 as an owner surrender. Handling 8/26: show more

Bo A219509 Bo is a 7 month old neutered male who came into the shelter on 8/16 as an owner surrender. Handling 8/26: Handling 8/25: Handling 8/25: Handling video: Bo is cute right! He’s also extremely smart which makes him a poor fit for shelter life. He’s easy to leash but immediately starts grabbing the leash. He’s bored and looking for a game to play anywhere he can. Bo already knows sit and is very food motivated. Within minutes, we had a system down to work on his attention jumping where he was sitting on sound alone. Smart boy! Bo also picked up fetch like a professional athlete! It’s hard to believe he’s so young. He loves attention and allowed handling all over and excelled with positive encouragement. The big but comes out when he gets frustrated though and his youthful inexperience shows. He uses his mouth to communicate, its not uncommon but can be misinterpreted by people. For that reason cute Bo can’t go into any home. He will need an experienced family that is 100% dedicated to ongoing training. Bo wants to learn and likes the work. You know the old saying idle paws are the devils workshop, well the saying is hands but the concept applies to puppies too. show less