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Female Young German Shepherd Dog

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About Kawaii

Kawaii, sounds like Ka -Why, and means "cute." She is a sweet, 8-10 month old puppy who is a special health case. She was abandoned in a field when her owner was evicted after losing his job due to the pandemic. When she got to us, the next day, she had a fever, was limping and nothing but skin and bones. She was only 48 pounds when we got her. She is 56 pounds now. Kawaii will most likely be a smaller girl. She has classic good looks and she knows it; but, doesn’t flaunt her beauty. She’s all puppy, and loves people, and other dogs. Kawaii has tricuspid valve dysplasia. It is most likely congenital. This may adversely effect her future health. It was found as she has a heart murmur. She is currently showing no symptoms; but, could develop heart issues. It is not a mild case. She will need to be adopted by someone who accepts her with this condition and is prepared for an uncertain future with her. If you are interested in Kawaii, please research her condition, so you have ample information before applying for her. Her foster family says she is an adorable little girl, with a heart of gold. Kawaii is a sweetheart, who is worth taking into your heart and home. If you have an open and loving heart, come and meet her, and see what a precious little angel she is!

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German Shepherd Dog

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Gibbs is a sweet, playful, energetic young boy. He plays great with other large dogs, and enjoys being part of the pack. Gibbs bonded quickly with his foster family, and is a very affectionate, loving boy. Life wasn't always so good for sweet Gibbs. He was literally shoved out of a moving vehicle at a Houston park. He jumped back in, and was shoved out again. The car sped off, and Gibbs chased after it in the 100 degree summer heat until he could run no more. Luckily for Gibbs, this awful scene was witnessed by some local Houston dog rescuers, who quickly went to Gibbs' aid and picked him up. The rescuers knew that Gibbs could be lost or stolen, so they made every effort to find legitimate owners by taking him to a vet to check for a microchip, posting flyers, and posting him on social media. No one ever came forward to claim him. Eventually, the rescuers brought him to GHGSDR so we could help him find a loving, forever home. Back to Gibbs current life. His foster family loves Gibbs dearly, and can't imagine why anyone would want to be so cruel to him. They say he is sweet, loving, affectionate, and very smart. He is still very much a puppy, but he is already responding to their training. He is crate trained and house trained, and has learned some basic commands such as "sit." He loves to give kisses, and will happily "talk" to his foster family. He loves treats, and loves to be petted and cuddled. He is active, and might do better with older children, as young children might find him too energetic. Like all young dogs, Gibbs will need exercise and continued training so he can mature into the wonderful adult dog he was meant to be. Gibbs would be delighted to meet you, and find the loving home he was meant to be a part of, a home where he will be loved and cared for, and never have to be afraid of being abandoned again. If you want to finish his story, and turn it into a true "Happy Tails," Gibbs would love to meet you! show less

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German Shepherd Dog

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Meet Oskar! This handsome boy is very sweet and very smart. He immediately got along with his foster family’s 8-year old GSD, and while he hasn’t interacted with smaller dogs, his tail wags happily anytime he sees another dog of any size during his morning and evening walks. As for cats, he was very curious about the two cats in his foster home at first (the one cat who loves dogs went right up to him), but Oskar ultimately decided to stay away from them. When he sees one of them coming, he either looks away or retreats to his crate. Oskar is crate trained and seems to find safety in his crate. If something startles him, he will retreat to his crate. This could have to do with his life before being rescued. Oskar was seized from a breeding situation in Galveston. We can only imagine the deplorable conditions he may have been living in, so while he is adapting well to his foster home, he will need a home that will have patience with him. It may be better that he be in a home with older children. He has seen several younger children during his walks and, after proper introductions, was happy to let them pet him. However, given his sensitive nature, his foster family feels as though he would be more comfortable in a home with older children. Oskar has been working on basic skills such as how to walk nicely on a leash and how to “sit” and take a treat. He has been doing exceptionally well with these tasks, and it doesn’t take him long to catch on, but he does need consistency. He understands what “no” means and is very intuitive when it comes to tone of voice. He’s not quite sure how to play with toys yet, but his interest seems to grow each day – we will often find him sneaking the other GSD’s toys into his crate to play with them. In the short time he has been in his foster home, he has really begun to come out of his shell and is learning how to be affectionate and receive affection. While in the house, Oskar is rather laid back and sleeps in his crate or in his “spot” by the back door. Since he is younger, he would love a home that can provide him with ample activity time, such as daily walks and playing outside. Oskar will be a very loyal companion, and his foster family would love to tell you more about him and have you meet him, to see if he is the GSD for you! show less

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German Shepherd Dog

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Russell has a pending adoption! Russell is a dog that you can easily fall in love with. He is a big, beautiful GSD with a wonderful personality. He loves people, and was very willing to trust his new foster dad. He jumped right in his truck, and relaxed for the ride to his new foster home. Once there, he quickly bonded with his foster dad and GSD foster brother. One of the first things his foster dad noticed was how quickly Russell took to people and other big dogs. He has not had a chance to observe Russell with children, small dogs, or cats. He expects that Russell would be great with children, because he is such a nice, friendly guy. He sticks close to his foster dad, and likes to be near him at all times. He sleeps in his foster dad's bedroom, and if his foster dad wants to sleep in, Russell sleeps quietly along with him without disturbing him. Russell is a very alert dog, but calm and laid back. He learns quickly, and clearly understands what " no" means. His foster dad thinks Russell has had some obedience training at some point in his life, and just needs a little brushing up on basic commands. Russell's foster dad says that Russell is an all around sweet, friendly, and handsome guy, and that you could not ask for a better dog. His foster dad would love to talk with you and answer any questions you may have. He would also encourage you to come meet Russell and see for yourself what a terrific dog he is! show less