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Male Adult German Shepherd Dog

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Greater Houston German Shepherd Dog Rescue

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About Acer

Acer is a sweet, goofy, smart, playful, and very laid back guy. He seems so happy to be in a loving foster home. At first, he was very hesitant to engage with us. He seemed to be trying to figure out who was who, and what we wanted from him. It was like he was afraid he might make a mistake, and we would be angry with him. We suspect he may have had a very tough life, where he was not treated with kindness and love. Little by little, he has realized that nobody will hurt him or be angry at him for making a mistake. As he has learned to trust us, we can tell that Acer wants so much to be a loyal family dog. Right now, we are continuing to work with Acer to learn how to live happily and confidently with a family. When we take him out into the yard, he will leap and run in the most playful way, but then he is quick to run right back to us when it is time to go in. Also, as his confidence grows, we can tell he is ready for training, and seems to really want to learn. He has a few toys that he shows some interest in, but he is still working on understanding how it feels to have his own toys to play with. Acer seems to love children. He is currently in a house with a 10 year old boy, and Acer really likes to go outside and play with him.

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German Shepherd Dog

Meet Oskar! This handsome boy is very sweet and very smart. He immediately got along with his foster family’s 8-year old GSD, and whil... show more

Meet Oskar! This handsome boy is very sweet and very smart. He immediately got along with his foster family’s 8-year old GSD, and while he hasn’t interacted with smaller dogs, his tail wags happily anytime he sees another dog of any size during his morning and evening walks. As for cats, he was very curious about the two cats in his foster home at first (the one cat who loves dogs went right up to him), but Oskar ultimately decided to stay away from them. When he sees one of them coming, he either looks away or retreats to his crate. Oskar is crate trained and seems to find safety in his crate. If something startles him, he will retreat to his crate. This could have to do with his life before being rescued. Oskar was seized from a breeding situation in Galveston. We can only imagine the deplorable conditions he may have been living in, so while he is adapting well to his foster home, he will need a home that will have patience with him. It may be better that he be in a home with older children. He has seen several younger children during his walks and, after proper introductions, was happy to let them pet him. However, given his sensitive nature, his foster family feels as though he would be more comfortable in a home with older children. Oskar has been working on basic skills such as how to walk nicely on a leash and how to “sit” and take a treat. He has been doing exceptionally well with these tasks, and it doesn’t take him long to catch on, but he does need consistency. He understands what “no” means and is very intuitive when it comes to tone of voice. He’s not quite sure how to play with toys yet, but his interest seems to grow each day – we will often find him sneaking the other GSD’s toys into his crate to play with them. In the short time he has been in his foster home, he has really begun to come out of his shell and is learning how to be affectionate and receive affection. While in the house, Oskar is rather laid back and sleeps in his crate or in his “spot” by the back door. Since he is younger, he would love a home that can provide him with ample activity time, such as daily walks and playing outside. Oskar will be a very loyal companion, and his foster family would love to tell you more about him and have you meet him, to see if he is the GSD for you! show less

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German Shepherd Dog

Hello, my name is Sport. I am as sweet as I am handsome, and I am pretty darn handsome! I like to be with my foster parents 100% of the... show more

Hello, my name is Sport. I am as sweet as I am handsome, and I am pretty darn handsome! I like to be with my foster parents 100% of the time, and rarely let them out of my sight. Sometimes when they give me love I cry because I am so happy. We go on walks every morning, and I am a very good boy on a leash, but I get REALLY excited when we see other dogs because I want to play with them so badly! My foster parents are helping me "leave it", and I'm getting better at it every day. In the mornings after our walk and breakfast, I enjoy playing with my foster sisters. When I first met them, I really didn't know how to play or what I was supposed to do, but I'm figuring it out now and we're good pals - I also like to follow them everywhere they go. I do really well with "sit", "down", "shake", and am learning "wait" - that's a tough one. I am very motivated by treats and willing to learn whatever cool new tricks you'd like to teach me. I'm kind of a funny dog, in that, I'm not really interested in toys, which is why my foster parents think the best form of exercise for me will be playing chase with another dog in the backyard. I really love to play chase and I really love other dogs. My foster parents tell me I'm the sweetest, most loving guy they've brought home, and we're all hoping for a family who will love me as much as they do and give me a great home show less