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Female Adult Miniature Pinscher

This Pet is no longer available. Below you can find other pets in Humane Society Silicon Valley
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Domestic Short Hair

Personality: Bunny is a social cat who will greet our staff at the door of her room. She enjoys petting and attention from people. She i... show more

Personality: Bunny is a social cat who will greet our staff at the door of her room. She enjoys petting and attention from people. She is happy hanging out being pet or playing with toys. History: Bunny was adopted from us previously, she was returned due to a change in the owner's living situation. Cat/Dog Skills: Bunny is currently living in our Sunshine room and enjoys the company of other relaxed cats. We do not have a history of Bunny and dogs. Medical: Bunny appears to have a condition called allergic dermatitis or atopy. With this condition, the cat has allergies to common things in his or her environment such as pollens, grasses, dust mites, and fleas or other external parasites. As a response to these allergies, cats with this condition tend to develop itchy skin, ear infections, and ulcers of the lips/face/nose. This cat in particular has developed "rodent ulcers" which are chronically inflamed lesions along the top lip. This condition is not curable and is usually life-long, but can be managed with an owner who is committed to providing medicated baths, antibiotics, and anti-histamines, among other treatments prescribed by their veterinarian. On 7/12/20, we treated the cat with a long-acting steroid. This may improve her condition for a few weeks, but the adopting family must be willing to pursue further medical care as needed to manage her skin condition and to keep her comfortable.Ready to meet Bunny? Fill out the form to request an appointment Primary Color: Brown Tabby Weight: 7.81 Age: 2yrs 11mths 3wks show less

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Terrier (Unknown Type, Small)

What should your foster's bio say?Hi there, I'm Charlotte! I'm a mellow girl who doesn't ask for too much. I'm most interested in your l... show more

What should your foster's bio say?Hi there, I'm Charlotte! I'm a mellow girl who doesn't ask for too much. I'm most interested in your love and tasty treats rather than playing with toys or other dogs. I can take some time to warm up to new people but once I get to know you, I'll flop on my back for belly rubs! If you're looking for a laid-back companion to chill on the couch with, I'm the one for you.Having just three-legs hasn't slowed me down at all. In fact, I move around even better after my surgery! I'm working on building up my strength, and I prefer to take short walks around the block then head back home.All of our adoptions are currently virtual and by appointment only, so please check out our website for information on how to sign up to meet me!What did you implement for house training? Do you think it's working? Charlotte gets taken out every few hours and has not had an accident in the house. When she needs to go, she'll start to whine and stand by the door.Have you introduced them to a crate? If so, what kind of crate and what was their reaction? At night, Charlotte sleeps in a penned-off area with no issues. She has not been introduced to a crate.How many hours did you leave them home alone? What was their behavior like when left alone? The few times I left Charlotte at home, she cried/howled for ~10-15 minutes then settled down. She will benefit from a family that can work on this with her and maintain a predictable schedule for her to get used to.What is their behavior like with other animals?Charlotte does not seem to like other dogs and I believe she'd prefer to be the only dog in the household. When introducing her to my dog, she started to growl and tried to nip her. When seeing other dogs on a walk, she will become very alert and lunge in their direction. However, please keep in mind the entire time I had Charlotte, she had been recovering from two different surgeries and could have felt vulnerable around other dogs.No history with cats.What is their behavior like with new people and/or children? :Charlotte can take awhile to warm up to new people. When new people approach her, she tends to ignore them. She won't hide or run away, but she may turn her back. She may accept treats, but often not directly from the hand. However, with time she will open up, so please be patient with her!No experience with children.Is there anything else that you would like the new adopter to know about this dog, such as any special tricks or adorable traits?She prefers to lay near me, and will watch what I'm doing from afar. She doesn't need to stay right by your feet all the time and just likes to know you're near. She also has shown little to no interest in toys. However as mentioned previously, she has spent a lot of time recovering from injuries and may not have had the energy to play.Overall, Charlotte is a wonderful dog who just needs some time to get to know her people. In the 1.5 months I've had her, she's recovered from a large mammary mass removal and leg amputation, and understandably has gone through a lot of pain and healing. She'll continue to open up in her new home and let more of her personality continue to shine. Primary Color: Tan Weight: 8.2 Age: 4yrs 1mths 2wks show less