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Female Baby Domestic Short Hair

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Social, tolerant dog with an independent streak. Showed no interest in toys. Pulls on leash. Deigned to not acknowledge any obedience re... show more

Social, tolerant dog with an independent streak. Showed no interest in toys. Pulls on leash. Deigned to not acknowledge any obedience requests. Will accept high value treats as her due. Opportunistic door dasher. Needs a leadership home with rules dedicated to training and exercise.NO CATS or small animals.Dog to dog: Did her utmost to avoid or ignore. If pressed to encounter on leash, she maintained full pilo, a stalking gait and lip lick with a medium sized respectful male. Later when off leash with a shared chainlink fenceline she had a looser body but still only cursory check ins. Completely and dismissively ignored and avoided an adolescent drama female. Not a dog`s dog. No off leash venues or multidog settings. ***Additional information: When living with a previously compatible juvenile dog- there was conflict over high value human food encountered by accident.Hello I`m Bella! I`m a husky with strong breed traits. I`m hoping to find a family that can keep up with me. I enjoy being with my family so if you leave, I should be locked safe and sound inside the house. I do enjoy chasing smaller animals so a high fence and your company outside with me will be a must. This also means living with small dogs and cats would not be a good idea. I don`t mind living with another larger dog; however, you should keep all high value foods away from us because I do believe it should be all mine. I`m great with kids but due to me needing more leash and obedience training I would prefer older kids, so I don`t accidentally knock them over. Interactive play and games would help me a great deal, but I still need long walks or runs. Please be patient as I`m still learning how you want me to be on a leash. I`m hoping that an active family with knowledge of my breed would consider giving me a home. show less

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Dogo Argentino

**Dog was RETESTED from a Safer O**Staff: Dog needs to go to an EXPERIENCED only animal and ADULT ONLY household, NO KIDS, needs extensi... show more

**Dog was RETESTED from a Safer O**Staff: Dog needs to go to an EXPERIENCED only animal and ADULT ONLY household, NO KIDS, needs extensive behavior training, leash training as well, does not like to be moved by collar he will `put the breaks on ` and does not like his teeth checked much. Dog needs extensive warm up with people he is unfamiliar with and uncomfortable with, he loves treats and will allow you to leash him up after, he is very food motivated, dog will dig his face into the food bowl and will move with the bowl if touched did not mind being pet while eating but due to his stiff posture it would be ideal to not take bowl away until he is completely finished eating, he did not have much interest in toys to play with he rather chase after them and once it has stopped moving he didn`t want it anymore, No Cats due to described behavior. Dog loves human play and will exhibit rough behavior and would need to be corrected by positive reinforcement training for that, dog will take correction if done the correct way, dog knows how to `sit, down, and paw` once dog is comfortable with handler he does jump a lot for greetings and play, dog does not understand his strength when doing so, due to his play drive when chasing toys it would not be ideal for other animals reside with him.D-D: dog was very vocal upon seeing another dog and pulled handler towards female that was used for his D+D, dog was completely focused on female until handler would call him to break his focus on female, dogs had to walk back and forth until he calmed down after a while we allowed them to walk parallel and then he started to pull towards female again and become vocal, once dog was calm enough to get closer for a meet and great handlers tried to allow him to sniff female from behind first and was instantly pulled away due to him air snapping twice at the females tail. Handlers allowed dogs to reset and be introduced again this time dogs started to sniff each other from the sides and male was stiff and stepped towards female then female went stiff and started to correct male by putting her head over his shoulder and pushing up against him until male started to go into a squat position, once female was finished both walked away, did not feel comfortable for dogs to go off leash together. NO off-leash events, and if dog meets another dog then the other party needs to be experienced as well, dogs need to stay on leash until dogs show no threatening signsscore:65 show less