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Male Domestic Short Hair

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Brooklyn Bridge Animal Welfare Coalition, Inc.

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About Jean Paul

Recently rescued from the pier in Far Rockaway, say hi to Jean Paul! This frisky one year old is a pro snuggler, litter box expert and, for a cat, a very impressive hugger! He’s fairly long in size but definitely still has a ton of kitten energy. His favorite things are sitting in laps, hopping around exploring and watching fireworks! He’s extremely friendly and very affectionate and loves getting picked up and carried around. He’s definitely best for someone who’s able to give him a lot of attention. He’s very very playful, but he’s still learning how to not play too rough when he’s in a silly mood, so he’s probably not ideal for a home with small children.    

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Jean Paul
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Angela Ali & General Naird

Domestic Short Hair

These two were feral kitten rescues who started off very fearful of humans, but now they are 9 weeks old and human LOVERS! This brother... show more

These two were feral kitten rescues who started off very fearful of humans, but now they are 9 weeks old and human LOVERS! This brother and sister pair loves cuddles equally as much as playing, so they are a joy to have around! They are litterbox experts and like to go in together.  Angela (the more white of the tuxedo twins) is the cuddle bug of the two and loves to lay on me and stretch out her paws like she is hugging! She is a little shy at first, but with patience she will open up and bond with you forever! She likes to stay close and lay right next to me while her fosters study or watch TV! And she has the daintiest little meow when she wants attention or food! Her brother is just as cuddly, but with a goofy twist! The General (the blacker tuxedo twin) is the outgoing one who is ready to explore and play with anyone! He follows his fosters everywhere around the house and is nosey about everything (but in the cutest way possible)! He is so vocal and loves to meow and talk all the time! They love to wrestle and play with each other, but also love playing with toys (the go-to's are little mice or anything with a bell or jingle sound)! Also, they have lived well with two adult cats for the last 5 weeks after proper introduction protocol, so they are used to interacting with other resident animals. Angela and the General are so ready to find their forever home with someone who can be patient with them as they get to know their new humans and surroundings, but the bond they will form with you is worth the wait! These two are the perfect mix of playful and snuggly! These two siblings are bonded and must be adopted together -- applications for just one of them will not be processed. Please note that these two kittens are recently rescued and not yet spayed/neutered -- their adoption fee will be higher to cover their surgeries. show less