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Male Adult German Shepherd Dog

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About Batman

Batman is an incredibly loving dog - just one of the sweetest dogs you will ever meet. He loves his people so much, and never wants to be away from them. Batman came to us from someone who could no longer take care of him. Batman was heartbroken to lose his person, and his person felt the same way. Batman is currently living with me, his foster dad, and my own German Shepherds. The good news is that Batman has totally bonded with me, and never wants to leave my side. This tells us that Batman will be able to transfer his incredible love and loyalty to another new person in his life. If you are retired, or work from home, and would like a GSD who wants to hang out with you at home watching TV, going for walks, riding around in your car, or go camping with you – Batman is your guy. He will be there 100% for you. He just needs someone who can be there 100% for him. Leaving him home alone all day while you go away to work may be very hard on him, because he will miss you so much. After just a few days, he will look you in the eyes and you will realize that he has fallen in love with you. Trust me, you will already have fallen in love with him!

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German Shepherd Dog

Loden has a pending adoption! Hello, my name is Loden, but my foster parents also call me "Shadow," "Prince," and "Handsome Dude." I am... show more

Loden has a pending adoption! Hello, my name is Loden, but my foster parents also call me "Shadow," "Prince," and "Handsome Dude." I am the sweetest boy, a gentle giant, who loves being with my humans and dog sisters 24/7. I love snuggling, getting hugs, and lots of petting. When you walk away from petting me, I try to coax you back by putting my paw on you. I will jump short fences and open doors to be with my family, so if you have to leave me alone, I need to stay in a kennel. Play time is very serious, and it is "go hard or go home." I love other dogs. My foster sisters and I play all the time and love playing fetch and keep away - but fetch is my favorite. I love playing fetch in the pool - the humans laugh when I splash them with water because I'm an awkward jumper and swimmer. I love swimming! I do very well on walks and am motivated by treats, which makes me easy to train. I am not possessive of food, but sometimes get a little mouthy with my favorite toys. My foster parents are helping me with that. Because I am still underweight, I can't exercise too much right now without getting tired, but I'm building up my endurance and stamina every day so you can take me everywhere with you (and I love to go!). My foster parents have nothing but good things to say about me, and are having a very hard time letting me go, but they want me to find the perfect home with people who will love me as much as they do. show less

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German Shepherd Dog

When Ramzi first came to his foster home, he was very shy and unsure of himself. Within a day, he was running happily around the yard wi... show more

When Ramzi first came to his foster home, he was very shy and unsure of himself. Within a day, he was running happily around the yard with the other dogs, coming to his foster family for pets and cuddles, and "play bowing" to the other dogs to entice them to play. Soon after that, some friends came to visit, and Ramzi was happy and welcoming, especially to their baby son, who Ramzi adored and was very gentle with. Translation: In a loving environment, Ramzi will quickly blossom into a happy and affectionate boy. Ramzi loves to play with ropes, balls, stuffed animals, and squeaky toys. He finds a toy to carry around and take back to his crate when he doesn’t have a game of chase to participate in. Ramzi is quickly building up his rear leg muscles. He appears to have been crated a majority of his puppyhood. This is most likely due to a healed leg injury. His rear leg was broken and required surgery to place pins, but this causes him no problems now. Come see him run and play and you will see what we mean! Ramzi has a big boy bark, and is vocal about when he needs to go outside. He is house trained, crate trained, and walks well on a leash. Ramzi is great with other dogs. He just needs to get to know them, and then he is eager to play. Ramzi LOVES children! He was delighted when a family with a toddler came to visit his foster home. He was extremely gentle and protective, walking as closely to the baby as possible, and constantly keeping an eye on him. If you are looking for a sweet, happy, affectionate young family dog, who really seems to love children, you have found him here! show less