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Female Young Catahoula Leopard Dog

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Humane Society Silicon Valley

About Rosie

Hi, I am Dalaney Rose, Rosie for short. I am a gorgeous girl with a lot to offer. While I can be shy at first I am a playful love bug when I warm up. But it does take me time to warm up to new people so be patient. Yummy treats such as cheese or chicken are the way to my heart. I know "sit" Touch" "spin" "Watch Me" "leave it" and many more fun tricks. I am a high energy breed and am looking for someone who will give me lots of exercise, training and love. I was crate trained in my previous home and it is my favorite place to sleep. I also love to have lots of toys and puzzle feeders to keep my mind busy. While I have lived around kids I sometimes don't know my size (especially how hard my adorable noggin is) and can knock little ones down in play so I would be best for homes with older kids and adults. If this sounds good to you please ask to meet me today. Primary Color: Dappled Grey Weight: 58.8 Age: 1yrs 11mths 3wks

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Terrier (Unknown Type, Small)

Personality: Abby is a sweet, easy girl who loves to meet new people and prefers to spend time with them whenever possible. She is house... show more

Personality: Abby is a sweet, easy girl who loves to meet new people and prefers to spend time with them whenever possible. She is housetrained, has been left alone up to 4 hours with no problems, and likes to burrow under covers. We think she could easily be a "first time" dog owner kind of dog. History: Abby came to us from another shelter. Dog Skills: Abby has done great with other small dogs. She is very relaxed, follows them around, and regularly participates in playgroup. Cat Skills: We do not have a history of Abby with cats.Leash Skills: Abby does well on leash and likes to go for walks. Medical: Abby has a luxating patella, which is common for small dogs and means that the kneecap occasionally moves in and out of place. Her luxating patella is currently noted as mild. Abby has cataracts in both eyes, which causes some vision impairments. It is recommended that she is always leashed for walks and is carried up and down stairs due to her depth perception issues.Abby had an oronasal fistula, which is a cavity between her nose and her mouth caused by dental disease. Her dental disease has been addressed and the fistula was repaired. Abby will benefit from receiving regular dental care moving forward. Primary Color: Tan Secondary Color: White Weight: 7.55 Age: 10yrs 1mths 1wks show less

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Great Dane

Personality: Sweet, clumsy, goofy Ariel is a puppy in a big dog body - but with better manners. She's super smart, and thanks to the hel... show more

Personality: Sweet, clumsy, goofy Ariel is a puppy in a big dog body - but with better manners. She's super smart, and thanks to the help of her foster family, is well-trained - she knows sit, shake, down, and stay! She's even learned that when the alarm goes off in the morning, it's time for her walk. Ariel's first favorite thing is playing tug, and her second favorite thing is meeting new people and then cuddling on the couch with them. Ariel is housetrained, eager to learn and has been great at staying alone.History: Ariel came to us from another shelter. She was stressed in our shelter, so she has been spending time in foster homes to help her thrive.Dog Skills: Ariel has shown to be conflicted about dogs. She can be nervous around forward dogs, intolerant of rowdy behavior/play and unsure how to interact with more insecure dogs! To make matters more exciting, she has successfully met and interacted with dogs on leash and has shown that she can be, in fact very playful and social with some dogs as well. This is why we love Ariel so much. She is like an onion - she continues to surprise and confound us with the deep well that is this sweet girl. And, since we cannot determine exactly what triggers Ariel's intolerance of some dogs but not others, she should be an only dog at this time. Cat Skills: We do not have a history of Ariel living with cats, but her fosters have noted that she will try to chase them while out on walks. Leash Skills: Ariel is very strong, and will need guidance to help redirect her away from dogs while on walks. She can sometimes become tentative with lots of environmental noises or activity, and focuses really well on her handler when positive reinforcement is used to help encourage her to be brave.Medical: Ariel has a few medical issues, and some will need ongoing care. She has a partial ligament injury in her right knee, which has resolved, but she may develop arthritis in this knee in the future.The long bones in Ariel's knees are prone to inflammation, and it can be painful for her to walk. Most recently, it caused lameness in her front right leg, which is now resolving with exercise restrictions, pain management, and time.Ariel also suffered from allergies in and around her ears when she arrived. We treated her with medication and a bland diet, and her allergies have resolved! If her allergies come back, her new family may need to treat them in a similar way, and we can provide more information about this!Questionnaire Primary Color: Brown Brindle Secondary Color: White Weight: 83 Age: 1yrs 10mths 3wks show less