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Adopt Charlie

Male Adult American Pit Bull Terrier

If you have questions about Charlie please contact

The Anti-Cruelty Society - Home-to-Home Program

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About Charlie

Charlie is a very cuddly, playful boy. He's probably happiest when he gets to go for a ride in the car, or when another energetic dog is around for him to play with. At home, he's usually lying in a sunny spot, gazing out a window, or playing with his Kong toys. Sometimes when I walk into the living room to check on him, I find him wiggling around playfully on his back on the rug. He stops his wiggling and looks at me. It's adorable. He likes to come into my room and snuggle in the mornings around the time I wake up. And he loooooooves back scratches. He is food motivated, which is super convenient for training. Charlie is working on "stranger danger", and needs to be introduced to new humans carefully. Once he is comfortable with a person, he's a sweetheart forever. With continued training he seems like he will be able to get past the stranger danger, as he has made very quick progress over the past few months. Grace Bishop

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