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Female Adult Domestic Short Hair

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Brooklyn Bridge Animal Welfare Coalition, Inc.

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About Snowflake

Snowflake is an adorable white cat with tabby ears and tail who is enthusiastic, friendly and outgoing. Snowflake is four years old and was brought to the city shelter as a stray. She wants to get to know you and hopes for attention and pets. Her current fosters say that Snowflake is the CUTEST (and they swear they're not biased). Snowflake is quick to warm up and will follow you around the house. She always wants to be around her humans, even if it means just napping in the same room or keeping guard for mice while you’re in the kitchen. She’s incredibly playful; this little huntress will ensure your house is mouse and bug-free! She loves to play with her humans and then snuggle up at the foot of your bed for a nap when she’s done. She’ll climb, jump, and run, and is a lady of simple joys- she can find a toy in anything! Some of her favorite toys so far have been: paper bags, my laundry bag, boxes, balls of yarn, a string on a stick, and a yoga mat. Her regular eating is pretty average, but she’ll do just about anything for one of her favorite treats. She’s not a fan of human food, so you don’t have to worry about her eating off your plate, but she might try to nibble at your house plants, so make sure they are cat safe! She doesn’t meow much but she talks often in sweet little trills and purrs just to say hello and make sure you’re still paying attention to her! She’s not always a big fan of petting (yet), but if you catch her in the right mood, she enjoys gentle petting on her head and back, or scratches under her chin and behind her ears. She doesn’t like to sit on laps (again, yet!), but she’ll curl up against your legs in the evening, especially if you have a super soft blanket on your bed! Snowflake is the absolute sweetest, cutest cat and any family would be lucky to make her a permanent addition to their addition.   Snowflake would probably be happiest as a single cat, but might tolerate another feline with a proper introduction.      

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Arthur & Francine

Domestic Short Hair

Are you interested in a pair of aloof, standoffish cats who will only acknowledge your existence when they’re hungry? Because if you ar... show more

Are you interested in a pair of aloof, standoffish cats who will only acknowledge your existence when they’re hungry? Because if you are, DO NOT adopt this bonded brother and sister. But if you’d like to become a permanent companion to two cats who will relentlessly invade your personal space with head-butts, kitty kisses, bed-hogging, and other such demands for cuddles, this pair is for you! Arthur was born without eyeballs, but don’t let that worry you. He gets around just fine. He zooms about and plays like any other young cat. He’s just a bit clumsy (I’m very sorry for all the times I laughed at you, Arthur). On the plus side, you’ll only have one cat who jumps onto your counters. But while he can’t find the high spaces, he can find YOU! Forget about uninterrupted work or leisure time. He wants pets or a lap right now and he will get it, darn it! Francine’s crossed-eyes give her the most adorable derpy expression when she looks up at you. It’s irresistible, even when she’s plopped herself down on top of that newly-laundered, fur-free t-shirt you’re trying to fold. And while she generally doesn’t care for laps, she makes an exception for when you’re on the toilet. ​ Do you have children and wonder how they’ll be with your wee ones? Well, never fear. Their foster has conducted testing with a 9 and 12-year old and can say that Arthur and Francine do not age-discriminate. They’re equal opportunity snugglers. We imagine that they would be happy with most dogs as well after a proper introduction. Frankly, if you choose to adopt this purry pair of feline felicity you will congratulate yourself on your wondrous judgment for many years to come.   show less

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Pit Bull Terrier

Coco is a two year old active and affectionate brindle pit mix who thinks she is a lapcat. Due to her past, she is still working through... show more

Coco is a two year old active and affectionate brindle pit mix who thinks she is a lapcat. Due to her past, she is still working through some things and is looking for an adoptive or long term foster home with patient and experienced people willing to continue her training. This sweet girl with a giant smile will reward you with love and more kisses than you could ever want. Coco was initially adopted unspayed from the city shelter by a family with semi-permanent housing and therefore Coco moved around a lot. She had at least one litter of puppies and was pregnant again when we rescued her. When she first joined us, Coco had no idea how to walk outside and was terrified of any other dog we saw on the street. Although she can still be dog-reactive, she has made incredible progress. Occasionally we still occasionally encounter dogs who Coco can't stand, but generally she's able to move on quickly with the right guidance. Coco is OBSESSED with playing fetch -- so much so, that she has been known to toss the ball for herself. She loves to cuddle and give hugs and is extremely obedient when inside. If given the chance, she will curl up with you at night, snoring gently. Coco still needs some training to have the confidence and ability for casual strolls on the sidewalk without occasionally losing her mind and barking her head off at nearby dogs, but she is so eager to please and really does try her best almost all of the time. We would love to find a foster to adopt home for Coco to continue honing her skills as she is still a work in progress -- but aren't we all? If you are interested in fostering Coco with the intention to adopt, please fill out an application at -- don't miss your chance to meet this special girl. show less

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Daisy Ridley

Domestic Short Hair

Daisy Ridley contains multitudes. She's not a big cuddler (yet!), but loves to hang and snooze next to you, and will gladly let you sne... show more

Daisy Ridley contains multitudes. She's not a big cuddler (yet!), but loves to hang and snooze next to you, and will gladly let you sneak in a chin scratch once you get to know her (she may protest if you get too handsy, but I believe someday she'll let down her emotional walls).   Though curious and exploratory, she has wonderful manners! She never scratches furniture, nibbles plants, wakes me up for food, or knocks things off tables; A+ respectful and polite, I would trust her to take care of a child.   Daisy was all set to compete in the 2020 Olympics in Playing With String, and despite the event's cancellation, she insists on at least 30 minutes of practice every evening to keep her skills sharp - catch her going for gold in 2024. Despite her regal appearance, she is not a material girl, her favorite things are cardboard boxes, pieces of string, looking out the window, and completely ignoring the nice catnip feather toys I bought her. Daisy's worst trait is that she is 12/10 stealthy and 110% camouflage- sneaks up on me at least once a day; extremely spooky. I think Daisy would be happy in a home where she can sit next to you on her terms and have a snoozle to recharge for an evening of vigorous play and a nighttime full of zooming around the apartment and fighting ghosts. With time in a loving home, I think she'll only continue to blossom. She'd make a joyful, daytime-chill, nighttime-nutball, slightly lazy-eyed addition to any home.     show less