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Female Adult Siamese

If you have questions about Luna please contact

New Beginnings Cat Rescue

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About Luna

Luna is a beautiful Seal Point Siamese/Tortoiseshell mix female born approximately 8/19/2017. Luna can be a little shy at first until she gets to know you, but she is very sweet and cuddly, so she’s worth a little patience. Like a lot of Siamese, she can be a vocal girl. She lets you know when she wants to be petted and when she wants to be left alone. She is also a bit of a diva and demands her human be as fastidious as she is.  Her litter box must be kept clean (scooped at least once per day). Luna has been living with cats, dogs and children, and does well with all.  She’s not necessarily going to be buddies with the animals, but she will tolerate them. She will do best with children over 7 years old.  Luna is currently in a foster home and her adoption fee is $105. Due to COVID-19, Petsmart isn't currently holding weekend adoption events. However, if you are interested in meeting Luna, please contact us to arrange an appointment.

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Maine Coon

Atticus is a super handsome Maine Coon brown tabby mix male born approximately 4/13/2019. Atticus – A Hunk Of Love! "True to my Maine Co... show more

Atticus is a super handsome Maine Coon brown tabby mix male born approximately 4/13/2019. Atticus – A Hunk Of Love! "True to my Maine Coon heritage, I’m a Gentle Giant with a heart of gold and a true longing for the love and devotion of my forever home. I’ve got the traits of the breed with the tufts of fur in my ears, my luxuriant coat, and my enormous paws and feet.  Get ready for a big guy – at 8 months (as of December 2019), I’m already over 10 lbs and I’ve still got lots of growing to do! Go ahead and google Maine Coons if you don’t know about us.  The breed characteristics seem to describe me very well. With all the cache of my pedigree, my foster family is very curious how I wound up homeless, but I have no way of sharing the tales of my adventures. I found myself trapped in the attic of an office building in Lakewood and it took 2 weeks of screaming from the ceiling tiles and the indecency of getting stuck in a hog trap set up to entice me to get to this point. Lucky for me, one of the owners of the office building happens to volunteer in cat rescue, so has been taking care of me, after he officially anointed me with the moniker “Atticus from the Attic.” I already know my name, but you’re welcome to change it. I’m a fast learner! I’ve been through a lot, so I’m going to need time to adjust to become the cat you want me to be. I like to hide when I’m not sure. My foster family jokes that I have two modes: my “unsure” mode and my “cuddle” mode. It’s one or the other and no in between. I want a devoted and bonded relationship with my person or couple. I’ll be that lap cat and bedtime cuddler, if that’s what you’re looking for. Loud noises scare me, so young human kids might not be a good match for me. But I find other animals interesting and aggression isn’t my thing. I just need to learn the rules when interacting with other cats or a dog and I should be good. My foster home has both and I like everyone.  But what I really, really want is someone to scratch behind my ears, rub my chin, and let me cuddle. Oh, and my foster family says I talk and chirp like an Ewok, whatever that means!” Atticus is good with dogs and other cats. He is currently in a foster home and his adoption fee is $95. show less