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Adopt Stevie and Souvlaki

Male Young Domestic Short Hair

If you have questions about Stevie and Souvlaki please contact

Brooklyn Bridge Animal Welfare Coalition, Inc.

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About Stevie and Souvlaki

Souvlaki and Stevie are two little boys who are great with kids. About 7 months old, they were hand-nursed as kittens and so are exceptionally affectionate. They like to get up in your face, purring loudly and bunt your nose for pets and kisses and lots of attention. Before these two even greet you, they are snuggling with you. From when he was a tiny kitten, Stevie was full steam ahead towards love, no regard for anything that may be in his path (physical or emotional). Souvlaki enjoys very long naps, and he is a deep sleeper who will not wake up even if you make loud noises or his friend Stevie tries to climb all over him (which makes for some great naptime photo shoot opportunities). He sometimes gets drool fangs when he is excited, and loves to hang upside down, earning him the affectionate title of Vampire Bat. He has beautiful green eyes, a cute little trill, and an endless supply of nose boops to give. Stevie Wonder is possibly the most affectionate little boy you will ever meet, and he just wants to nuzzle you or be held at all times. He has one beautiful golden eye and one scarred eye that makes him even cuter than your average pirate. He is a total klutz and will knock anything over to try to get to his friends (including his best friend, a little stuffed cow). These boys are total buddies, and are very playful when they are not trying to be in your arms or on your lap. Souvlaki came from Philadelphia’s shelter system. Stevie was pulled from New York City’s animal shelter. They are both sweet with other cats and while it would be great for them to stay together, either could go with other playful cats. Neither boy would be happy as an only cat. If you like cats who enjoy affection, and whose energetic antics will make you laugh, Stevie and Souvlaki are for you!

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Stevie and Souvlaki
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Pit Bull Terrier

Coco is a two year old active and affectionate brindle pit mix who thinks she is a lapcat. Due to her past, she is still working through... show more

Coco is a two year old active and affectionate brindle pit mix who thinks she is a lapcat. Due to her past, she is still working through some things and is looking for an adoptive or long term foster home with patient and experienced people willing to continue her training. This sweet girl with a giant smile will reward you with love and more kisses than you could ever want. Coco was initially adopted unspayed from the city shelter by a family with semi-permanent housing and therefore Coco moved around a lot. She had at least one litter of puppies and was pregnant again when we rescued her. When she first joined us, Coco had no idea how to walk outside and was terrified of any other dog we saw on the street. Although she can still be dog-reactive, she has made incredible progress. Occasionally we still occasionally encounter dogs who Coco can't stand, but generally she's able to move on quickly with the right guidance. Coco is OBSESSED with playing fetch -- so much so, that she has been known to toss the ball for herself. She loves to cuddle and give hugs and is extremely obedient when inside. If given the chance, she will curl up with you at night, snoring gently. Coco still needs some training to have the confidence and ability for casual strolls on the sidewalk without occasionally losing her mind and barking her head off at nearby dogs, but she is so eager to please and really does try her best almost all of the time. We would love to find a foster to adopt home for Coco to continue honing her skills as she is still a work in progress -- but aren't we all? If you are interested in fostering Coco with the intention to adopt, please fill out an application at -- don't miss your chance to meet this special girl. show less