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Male Young Siamese

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About Chopstick

** COURTESY POST, please contact Judy at ** This is Chopstick. He's a siamese mix, approximately 9-10 months old. We got him in August and he's had his first set of shots but not sure of the date. He has not been neutered. He's very loving, charming and LOVES to climb on everything. He gets along great with our inside dog, who is about 50#. He has the loudest purr. 

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Domestic Short Hair

Let me introduce myself.  I’m North.  As in star.  North Star.  The brightest, loveliest part of your world.    Maybe not yet, because y... show more

Let me introduce myself.  I’m North.  As in star.  North Star.  The brightest, loveliest part of your world.    Maybe not yet, because you’re still at home and I’m still in temp housing.  But, trust me, I will be.  So, I’m not gonna lie, I have some trust issues.  It takes me a minute, or two, to warm up to hoomans.  I’m really interactive though, after I’m warm!  I love head scratchin’ and pettin’.  The thing is that I get spooked easy and fall into panic mode, so I gotta be sure there’s an escape route from hoomans, so I can coop up a bit and feel safe again.  So, I do that and then I feel more secure for a while.   But, that panicking will pass.  As soon as I’m home with you, and some not-yet-determined period of time lapses, and you’re super patient with me, THEN we’ll be rolling on the floor, snugglin’, gettin’ belly rubs.  I got all that stuff stored up inside me, I promise.  Just waitin’ on growin’ enough trust to let it all gush out.   My foster hoomans have seen whispers of all that.  I’m an adult kitty, so I know about all that stuff.  I just have to feel that it’s safe.  I love to talk, too.  You’re always gonna have someone to chat with.  And I love dinnertime.  And treat time.  Lol Also, you’re seriously gonna need a LASER POINTER OF DOOM.  Have you got one?  When that comes out, I forget that I’m being a cautious boy.  What else?  I like the floor.  Don’t much like to be picked up.  Makes me nervous when hoomans are all up in my personal space, and my escape is restricted.  Again, I’m workin’ on my trustin’.  I want to trust you.  I will always be located very close-by, even if not in touchin’ distance.  I want to be where you are.  I’m your North Star.  Guiding you home.    So, email them at and tell them you’re the patient one who needs a STAR.   P.S.  All that caution and panic goes out the window if you have another kitty.  When there’s another cat, I feel safe and steady.  Ready to come out and see what’s what.  I want a kitty buddy.  show less