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Male Baby Weimaraner

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About Kermit

Who can resist this cute puppy face! Kermit is 7 months old and is 100% pure happiness and sweetness. He gets along well with all other dogs, but can annoy the older more laid back ones with his youthful zest. He knows to go outside when it’s time to potty. Sometimes at night he does not like to go out by himself - he likes company whether it’s a human or fellow canine. He has had some crate training and will go in with some coaxing, but once in does not mind it as long as you come back soon to play. Kermit does still like to chew on things but is good with correction and learns what is appropriate to chew on. Beware, he is still a puppy so don’t leave out things that could become a nice chew toy. This tiny little bundle absolutely loves to snuggle with his human. He will flop around to get as close as possible until he is snoring the night away.  Kermit has all his vaccinations and has been neutered. This bouncing baby boy is a Weim mix and has adorable white patches on his chest and 2 of his paws. His blue fur is super soft and has a hint of brown to it.  He is being fostered in the Dallas area if you are interested. ##494757##

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Hello, my name is Bella. I am a beautiful, almost 2 year-old girl and I can't wait to find my forever home. I will be honest, even thoug... show more

Hello, my name is Bella. I am a beautiful, almost 2 year-old girl and I can't wait to find my forever home. I will be honest, even though my foster mom catches me cuddling my Weim foster sister sometimes it would be great if I was the only dog in a home. That way it's all about ME! I would love a home where I can be walked, have a place to run, and if possible please don’t leave me all day, I will miss you so much. When I get to go on my walks I do walk well and I am friendly to other dogs and people. Right now when my foster mom has to leave me she crates me in the  bedroom, and  I am getting better at realizing that they will be coming back.  At night she leaves my crate open and I am quiet and happy with that arrangement. I am a proper lady and I am  beautiful, clean and polite.  I love my humans so much. I don't even mind my foster mom touching my food and I will wait until released before eating. I have also learned to stay off furniture. If you want me on the furniture though I am sure that can be arranged - HeHeHe. I am fully vetted and got a clean bill of health from the vet. Oh, I know I look a little different than your run of the mill Weim, I have the great ears and outgoing, velcro personality but I have a silky smooth black coat. My foster mom did some investigating and I am a Weim mix - 75% Weim with 25% Vizsla mixed in so I mean that is prety cool. I am being fostered in the Austin area and hope you will give me a chance. ##474494## show less

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HI! My name is Lorenzo and I'm a 2 year-old gray boy and I am FINALLY available for adoption! My foster family has had me for about 2.5... show more

HI! My name is Lorenzo and I'm a 2 year-old gray boy and I am FINALLY available for adoption! My foster family has had me for about 2.5 months now and they say its time I share my “Lorenzo Love” with a forever family.  I came in off the streets of San Antonio having no idea how to be a dog. Bones, toys, dog food of any kind, home, love, beds, leashes, baths, and crates were all foreign to me. I was terrified and shut down when my foster mom met me and wouldn’t eat a thing for 5 days! Then my foster dad bought me Whataburger and well… the rest is history! Now I am on a regular diet of soaked dog food twice a day and the vet says I’m close to the perfect weight!  Im up to 71lbs now- YAY! I have so many wonderful qualities- like putting up with my 5 lb little fur sister- she’s annoying, but I love her. I will even share my food and bed with the little thing (she doesn't eat much). My foster family says I am “socially awkward” but getting better every day. I love to watch my foster siblings run, wrestle, play and even fetch balls…it looks like so much fun that I’ve even tried to join in a few times- man, that takes a lot of practice!  I'm a perfect gentleman during car rides, and if I’m allowed to sleep in your room, I will get up to check on you every few hours, just to be sure you are breathing.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE affection and having my back scratched, though I sometimes get too excited and forget my manners. Speaking of getting excited, I had what the vet called “happy tail” but recently I had that crazy thing amputated along with my dangly bits. So far, both surgical sites are healing nicely and the vet says they can remove my stitches in a few days!!  Doggy doors are my favorite! I can go outside anytime I like to get some fresh air and potty. I'm also great with kids of all ages (especially now that my happy tail is gone), but would probably do best in a home with older children. I don’t even mind having my tail bandaged, wearing an E-collar, or even a belly band if needed. However, like most of us rescue dogs, I do have one or two unfavorable habits. You see, living on the street, one tends to develop survival methods - especially at night in the dark. You should hear my growl! It is absolute perfection and I love to show it off every chance I get. I use my growl whenever I’m happy, worried, mad, playful, loving, or even wanting a belly rub. I am really trying to work on this and have gotten SO much better! My foster family even takes me on field trips to the feed and pet stores now! Im learning to be such a good boy. I am so happy and eternally grateful for WRT! Rescue life is the best! My only dislikes are things that remind me of the past such as crates/cages, forcefully pulling me out of cars, and scary shadows at night. Im currently in the DFW area and live with a Weim sister, a Mcnab brother and a 4 month old rat…err mini Dachshund. I also have recently started seeing a trainer to help me acclimate to my new life so I can be the best dog I can be for my new family. ##460863## show less

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Hello my name is Rowdy. I am about 9-years-old and am hoping my forever family is out there. Almost 2 yrs ago I was living on the street... show more

Hello my name is Rowdy. I am about 9-years-old and am hoping my forever family is out there. Almost 2 yrs ago I was living on the streets when all of a sudden someone picked me up to take me to the doctor. I looked pretty bad when I first came to rescue. Turns out I have a brown and black brendle coat. I also have these big, beautiful, brown soulful eyes. So I may not be all weimie but I am all cuteness.I was HW+ but have gone through treatment for those pesky worms. I also have what my doctor says is advanced hip dysplasia. However it doesn't keep me from cruising around the house. My foster mom gives me chewing supplements everyday. I feel great!I’m a very chill boy. I like to drag my blanket and pillow around with me. I even carry it outside. I used to live with two foster brothers, and it was fine. I do like my space though. I think I would be best with older more calm dogs that don't jump on me. I don’t need to go in a kennel when you leave the house. I just lay down and wait for you to come home. I don’t like to go upstairs though. I’m good with a few steps but not a second floor area, ya know bc of my hips. I have been in rescue for 565 days.....that’s a really long time. My foster mom is amazing but nothing beats having a family that is all yours. Please consider an older guy like me. I am being fostered in the DFW area. Love, Rowdy ##197448## show less