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Female Young 31 Flavors Mixes

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31 Flavors Mixes

Please visit our homepage : and fill out the application at or check our Faceboo... show more

Please visit our homepage : and fill out the application at or check our Facebook : Furry Smiles International Rescue ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Joby is a very handsome and sweet heart boy, lively and gentle, he is good personality, love to walks and playing, he also love to swimming with foster dad !! Joby and Loren were found in a pouring afternoon. A farmer discovered the two cuddling up shivering at a corner of the farm. They were very little. It was winter and these two-month-old were soaked by the rain. The sympathetic farmer took them home before our rescuer arrived the next day. He made sure the two poor boys get enough warmth and fed them as they were apprently starving. The next day our rescuer gave thanks to the farmer and promised that they would be in good care and given a chance for a home. After the medical checkup they were surely found malnourished, along with some scars and hypothermia, Loren's foot get hurt, Fortunately it was not too bad for the two poor boy to receive treatments. After a month of continuous nutrition supplement, they were brought to our foster family. They are doing so well, likes to cuddle and likes to chase. Smart and playful.they are love to eat dry dog feed and meat , day and night, sometime our foster home gave them some dog treats and cheess, At night, they usually take their usual spots to sleep. But sometimes they don't. Scattered around the toys, not afraid of clinics nor Vets, always curious. Joby and Loren are very friendly and approachable to everyone. And currently they are looking for a sweet home. We want a family that appreciates their lively energy, with an understanding and patience.sometime they might be mischevious, but they are also very smart. If you are willing to give them a forever home, please kindly fill out the online application form. Please open your heart and your home. If you are interested in Joby, or would like to help him, please contact us. show less

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Please visit our homepage : and fill out the application at or check our Faceboo... show more

Please visit our homepage : and fill out the application at or check our Facebook : Furry Smiles International Rescue ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Last summer, TangTang's rescuer found a dirty dog about 300 metres away on the way to work. The doggie was eating garbage by the side of the road. One of the doggie's leg was unable to touch the ground. The rescuer shouted: baby doggie. TangTang heard it from such a long distance and turned her head. She and the rescuer looked at each other, she was looking directly into the eyes of the rescuer, as if she found the hope. The rescuer crouched down, beckoned, shouted again: come come, little baby, and opened arms. As if TangTang had been instructed, she dragged her broken leg and rushed into the arms of her rescuer. The rescuer picked her up, and she wrapped her arms around the rescuer and buried her head into rescuer's arms. The rescuer asked for time off to take the doggie to see the vet to have her leg examined. The vet took an X-ray and found a powdery fracture near her left knee, possibly caused by a car accident or by human abuse. Vet performed a successful leg operation on TangTang, who is now fully recovered and in excellent health, running happily on the grass every day. She had two steel pins in the bone of her left leg to support her, which did not need to be removed and were valid for 15 years. Recommend the family can buy calcium tablet for her. Her character is very lively, a little bit naughty, love to eat chicken. She can shake hands, she can give simple commands, she's a smart little dog. She likes to play with other dogs, but is afraid of big dogs, so we don't recommend families with big dogs to adopt her. She is also friendly to strangers and loves children, but she is a bit naughty, so it is not very recommended for families with really young kids to adopt her. She likes to sleep with people on bed, doesn't like to stay in a cage, likes to play with plush toys. She defecated on the grass outside. She is a mix of Chinese local dog and chihuahua. We hope she can find a loving family that can take care of her for the rest of her life and never let her be a stray dog any more. She is a very grateful dog, very likable, will be a happy fruit of your family, bring your family a lot of joy. Please give her a chance, give her a forever home with love. Please open your heart and your sweet home. If you are interested in TangTang, or want to help her. Please contact us. show less