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Male Baby Chihuahua

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About Mustang

Dreaming of that perfect ride? How about a perfect pup instead? They don’t require monthly car payments, their gas guzzling is just puppy food and treats, and they don’t require an oil change or a tune up! All Ferrari, Mustang, and Benz need is a loving home and playful companions. Whether that’s you, kids, dogs, or cats, these social butterflies are more than happy! Playful and energetic, these silly pups love to romp around all day! When they aren’t tackling each other and chasing their tails around, they are off exploring! With their tiny wet noses to the ground, these puppies will run around and journey through each and every room and don’t even get them started on the backyard! They love to chase after their toys and hop around in the grass until they finally crash for a nice nap! Remember that these sweet babies are still very young and will need a lot of attention and patience as they learn how to be the perfect pup. If you’re looking to raise an adorable puppy with your family, there’s nothing better than these smart and silly pups! Fill out an application for Mustang, Ferrari, or Benz today at!

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Yorkie, Yorkshire Terrier

Meet our special gal, Tipper. She has Vestibular Disease; best guess is that it could be due to loss of oxygen while in the birthing can... show more

Meet our special gal, Tipper. She has Vestibular Disease; best guess is that it could be due to loss of oxygen while in the birthing canal (according to her neurologist) and is completely deaf. Because of the Vestibular Disease, Tipper has a tendency to run in circles for hours if left alone and will actually do it with you there when she feels stressed. This is Idiopathic Vestibular Syndrome, meaning that no one knows, exactly, what causes it. It mimics a stroke. But Tipper is more than her disease. Sure, she will need a very special adopter but there is always someone for everyone, right?  Tipper is the most loving, gentle little soul ever and is in need of a "special needs companion". Not at all snippy or yippy and rarely barks. She likes all dogs and cats and does not mind car rides. She will not be a good leash candidate but with her small size, she is happy to tote along with you in a little bag!  She will sit in your lap and snuggle and sleep with you but she does need assistance getting on and off the bed. Tipper can get through the dog door but cannot seem to figure out how to come back through it despite the foster's efforts to make it easy for her to come back in. Tipper would do BEST with a family that has a stay at home person. She is very good with older children but because of her uncontrollable head tilts, she would do best without smaller children holding her. Tipper tags along with her foster mom everywhere-into stores, restaurants, etc-so she is very well socialized and enjoys just sitting in her bag or her foster's lap. Tipper does not do well in a kennel At ALL- she will circle and throw her head around. So if she needs to be contained, a small, gated area is more desirable. You have to be mindful of her eating because the side of her brain that was damaged is the side that tells her stomach when to quit eating. She will eat ALL day and All night if she has something available so Tipper will need to be put on a strict meal plan. We know this sounds like a lot but once she is on a routine, Tipper is easy to manage and has nothing but love to give. Do you have room in your home and your heart for Tipper? Fill out an application today at show less