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Female Adult Pit Bull Terrier / 31 Flavors Mixes

This Pet is no longer available. Below you can find other pets in Chicago Animal Care & Control
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Pit Bull Terrier

Howdy A217507 Howdy is a 3 year old neutered male who came into the shelter 6/7 as a stray. Handling 7/11: show more

Howdy A217507 Howdy is a 3 year old neutered male who came into the shelter 6/7 as a stray. Handling 7/11: Handling 7/2: Handling 6/27: Handling 6/23: Handling 6/19: Handling video: Handling 6/12: Handling 6/18: Leash test: Leash test: Leash Test: JULY - Howdy continues to be the best boy. He's vocal in his kennel because he needs to go outside to go potty. Chill and good on leash. Such a nice guy! Good mix of playful and affectionate. Easy in/out. He has good manners, excellent command knowledge, easy to handle, loves the pool— he’s a total ham. We love this guy. JUNE - Howdy wasn't super excited to be at the shelter the first few days he was with us. The kennel is a very scary place for him, but his vocalization seems to be all show. It is just how he says hello, please take our meeting slow. We listened to his request and Howdy allowed easy leashing and was pretty mellow once outside. He was all about taking in every smell possible and replacing it with his scent. Howdy was perfectly content keeping the walk going forever and can seem a little standoffish at first. Everyday he gets a little quicker to engage, especially with volunteers he's met before. Howdy is a very very smart dog. He knows sit, listens to other commands, but can be stubborn when he is asked to show them off. Maybe we didn't have the right motivators because it wasn't the treats laying around. Howdy walks well on the leash and allowed handling all over. He isn't super cuddly (yet), but his smile is constantly growing as he relaxes around his new friends. Howdy is ready to say yee-ha to a foster home. A home is what it appears he is used to. Learn More About Howdy: show less