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Male Baby Domestic Short Hair

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Cheeto is an easy going boy with medium energy and extremely gentle when you play with him even if you try and wind him up. He has a big purr and will do so immediately. He’s an explorer and starting to climb though the majority of the time he plays hard with his four siblings (A801555, A801556, A801578, A801579) wrestling and playing fast as you can chase. Like all his siblings, he likes chewing on them or on mice, jumps for string toys, leather cord and loves milk jug pull tabs. He sleeps and plays with all of them so you could mix and match if you’d like a pair.He gives a big purr quickly by just petting him or sometimes I just talk to him on the cat tree and can hear him. I pick him up often, even if he’s playing, to carry around but he’ll likely want down if he’s busy. In the past few days, he’s really warmed up that a lap is a good thing and will ask for attention. When he was younger he wanted attention but would stay at arm’s length. Now he’ll come over, sometimes from across the room and ask to be picked up and sit in my lap at my desk quite comfortably once he’s worn off some energy.When he was younger, he didn’t talk much at all but lately will give a strong chirp or two to be picked up and will talk with me if he’s on the cat tree, couch or at my feet sitting at my desk. He’s excellent with the litter box and is pretty easy to clip his nails when he’s sleepy. With his siblings to chase and wrestle with, he mostly ignores my seven year old cat but will occasionally swat at her to play or chase her tail. He can be a little shy around new people but warms up very quickly. I don’t have kids or a dog he maybe a little shy around kids but should warm up as I carry him around all the time and the same on a dog with good, slow introductions.For more information email or visit for more pictures.

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Labrador Retriever

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This very good boy was initially shy and a bit scared when he first arrived but he`s come out of his shell so much! Alfalfa is now confident and goofy and he LOVES adventure! Whether it be going on a hike at McKinney Falls State Park, or going swimming, or even just hopping in the car for some sightseeing – Alfalfa is your guy!Alfafa is not only curious and adventurous, he is also a smarty pants! He knows several commands (sit, down, and shake), and we`re pretty sure he`d love to learn a few more. Oh, and he is somewhat of a diva… that’s right, Alfafa loves it when you brush his hair. He’ll thank you by wagging his bushy tail and maybe even giving you a kiss or two!As a larger, black dog, Alfafa is often overlooked here. When you walk past his kennel, he`ll bark and jump, but all he`s trying to say is `pick me!`. And he doesn`t understand why nobody ever does pick him :( Alfalfa just needs someone to give him a chance, which is why we`re hoping to find him a foster home, so they can see the amazing dog he is without all the stress of being at the shelter. As a member of the Orange Dot Crew, Alfafa will go home with everything you need, including a crate, harness, goodie bag, a training voucher, and all the support you need. Please email them for more info, or to set up a time to meet him: orangedotcrew@gmail.comFind Orange Dot Crew on Facebook and Instagram! show less

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Oh, Alfie! His name is actually Alfred but we only call him that when he`s being naughty. Alfie is young and frustrated and smart... that is a recipe for naughty dog when you are living in the shelter! Alfie also isn`t the most confident doggo. But no worries, Alfie has a big circle of shelter friends and they are helping show him that people are good and the world isn`t so scary!Alfie enjoys taking his time on strolls, leaving no smell un-smelled. He also likes treats and puzzle toys. The car still makes him a little nervous so we`re taking baby steps with car rides but Alfie is getting braver and braver each time.Alfie takes direction nicely and would do well with a patient, savvy foster. He has shown friendly interest in other dogs, but he would definitely need some decompression time and then slow intros.Alfie is a bit handshy and while we don`t like to think of why that is, we do keep it in mind and make sure to go slowly and move very deliberately around him. This cute little shepherd mix is fairly out-of-sorts at the shelter and we`d love to get him into foster so he can catch up on his zzz`s and be the best doggie he can be. In addition to all the regular goodies, Alfie goes home with a couple of bottles of spray cheese - his FAVORITE thank you very much!Reach out to to learn more! show less