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Female Puppy Australian Shepherd

If you have any questions about Anna , please contact Cross your Paws Rescue, Inc. at

Cross your Paws Rescue, Inc.

About Anna

Adoption Fee: $300

Anna is a double merle Australian Shepard almost pure white with a few patches of golden blonde. She is assumed to be mostly blind and deaf. Her ears perk occasionally to noises and it seems she has some vision. She can sense your presence and will navigate easily to follow you around hoping to get some cuddles. Anna is a fighter and won’t let anything hold her back. She needs a special person to open up their heart and home, could that person be you?

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Cross your Paws Rescue, Inc.

Irwin PA 15642

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Labrador Retriever

Introducing Belle and Pepper who are looking for their forever families! They are about 1 year old. These two came up from Kentucky. The... show more

Introducing Belle and Pepper who are looking for their forever families! They are about 1 year old. These two came up from Kentucky. They were outside dogs, but have adjusted well to life on the inside. 😊  Belle is an absolute sweetheart and laid back. Given the chance, she will melt in your arms and expect you to give her belly rubs. She is a little reserved around younger children, but warmed up quickly to our 10 year old. She is wonderful with our other dogs (and we have a dominant female dog in our home). She is completely house broken. She loves attention and is very teachable.  Pepper is a big goofy teddy bear. He is a gentle soul, but is energetic. He LOVES snow and running around with our other dogs in the backyard. He is twice the size of his sister and still thinks he is a lapdog. He goes potty outside, but has had a few pee accidents inside. He is doing a lot better with consistency and routine. Another thing about Pepper is that he will take his food bowl and anything else he can find and take it to his bed. However, he is not territorial or aggressive about it. It’s quite cute actually. Anyone would fall in love with his sweet and silly personality.  They are great with cats, they only sniffed ours. We feel a family with older children would be best. They have NOT shown any aggression towards our children, but they are a little reserved. Although we feel like given time they would be fine in a family with younger children. These two have been together through a lot and while we hope they can stay together, we feel like they would be okay separated into loving homes.  Apply at show less