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Male Adult Dogo Argentino (mixed)

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About Prince

Adoption Fee: $350

Prince is a happy and healthy big boy currently living in Baltimore.  He loves everyone he meets and so far he has shown no ill behaviors to other dogs. Prince really loves attention and has great behavior in the home. He is house trained and doing well with crate training too! We are still learning about Prince and will update as we get to know him better! 

We do know that his former owner really did love him but was no longer able to care for Prince and had to give him up. Thankfully the rescue had space to take him in at the time and he is now in with a foster and looking for a new family! Currently his foster is putting in a lot of effort towards his training and has made a lot of progress with him.  He needs a strong handler but one that also enjoys to give a lot of love and cuddles too!  He is a confident boy but does not like thunderstorms despite his tough guy look!  

Right now he is not ready for adoption but we expect him to be read in early Spring after gets through training and learns proper manners and obedience.  We pride ourselves on the effort we put towards training dogs in our program.  Adoptions are important but unless they are properly trained they are not ready for homes!  



4 years, 4 months
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Dogo Argentino

Meet PIPER! Piper is an year old deaf female currently located in Land O Lakes, Florida. Piper is a young and healthy girl that really l... show more

Meet PIPER! Piper is an year old deaf female currently located in Land O Lakes, Florida. Piper is a young and healthy girl that really loves attention and being with her people! Piper is looking for an adopter or foster who can continue teaching her sign language and giving her the guidance needed to be an extraordinary Dogo. She would prefer a home without children under the age of 10 as she is still learning her manners and doesn't mean to, but may knock one down! It's also important Piper goes to a home with deaf dog experience, as she needs additional training.  See below for more info on being a parent for deaf dogs!  We will require that she has a home with a secure fenced in yard in an active home. She has shown that she just wants to play with other male dogs, but doesn't seem to get along with the female dogs.  We are hoping this changes now that she is spayed but a home without other female dogs is probably best. Deaf dogs make wonderful pets for the right homes.  They need a family with patience and willingness to be consistant with training and hand signals.  They also need a family that will keep them safe from danger since they cannot hear things to alarm them, such as car horns if trying to cross a road. They need a home with very friendly dogs since they do not hear the cues dogs give when another dogs takes playing a little too far! Our rescue provides training to our adopters to help initiate the proper professional methods that need to be used for this breed and the special needs like deafness. You can look up more information about deaf dogs at to learn more!  Can't adopt or foster but want to help? She has her own wish list that includes a few things to help keep her occupied and happy! show less

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Dogo Argentino

RIO IS MISSING FROM THE SAN ANTONIO, TX AREA.  We decided to keep his profile up to help spread the word.  We love all of our rescues an... show more

RIO IS MISSING FROM THE SAN ANTONIO, TX AREA.  We decided to keep his profile up to help spread the word.  We love all of our rescues and have put forth a lot of time and money in searching for him and will continue to do so until he is back with the rescue. Please keep an eye out for him on social media and locally if your in the San Antonio area.  Rio is looking for someone that will like to talk him on long walks so he can enjoy the fresh air and daydream about actually catching one of the squirrels that cross his path. He is a strong but obedient when directed by his assertive handler. Just like all male dogos, Rio loves to test his boundaries and needs to be reminded of his place in your pack! He understands commands and responds well to training and corrections.  He may look tough on the outside but he is a big mush when it comes to giving some love!  He also loves chews and squeaky toys! But his favorite item in the world is a security blanket that he takes everywhere, even when he goes outside to do a little sunbathing! Rio found himself a stray in Puerto Rico after Hurrican Maria and recently traveled to Texas with the family that helped him.  He is a 3 yo friendly neutered healthy Dogo Argentino that loves the older children (10+) in his life. He wants a home where he can run and play with his humans and other non-dominant dogs. Rio says he wants a family that will give him lots of lovins'!  If you want a shadow to follow you around, Rio says he loves doing that! Rio is described to be friendly, active, playful, smart, and affectionate by his current humans. Right now he is spoiled with a tasty raw diet that is making a big difference in his recovery after being a stray with no food after the hurricane.  His first home when he got to Texas had an intact male Cane Corso and the two didn't  seem to want to share the same territory. Rio arrived to the States in late February and now needs a home that better suits him. He is dog friendly but needs a home without another alpha dog. He sounds to be textbook Dogo in regards to his traits, personality, and handsome good looks!  Rio is housetrained, crate trained, not a digger, not a fence jumper, good with older kids (no toddlers), and good with meeting new people too! He is very well behaved and eager to learn and please his humans!  He is currently located near Houston, TX but willing to relocate.  Tranpsort can be arranged for the perfect home! Rio is a member of the DC Dogos Inc family and you can learn more about us and him at show less