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Female Adult American Pit Bull Terrier (mixed)

If you have any questions about Moo, please contact The Furry Farm Rescue at

The Furry Farm Rescue

About Moo

Adoption Fee: $175

5yr 55# Spayed Female Pitty mix

Current Rabies, DAPPV, Bordetella and microchip

Moo does her best with balanced dogs, and placing her in a home with other dogs will be assessed individually instead of going with the blanket no dogs.  Cats and other small critters are a solid nope, though.

Adoption Fee :$175


Moo Moo was scheduled to come to FFR in October 2019, but a medical rescue placed her on hold for one month. It’s not that month, but the 23 months before it - that breaks our hearts. Moo was brought into our local dog boarding kennels back in November of 2017. Her family came forward one time, 3 months later, to pay her boarding past due fees, but then was never heard from again. Moo has been living in a kennel run for 2 years. 

Normally we don’t tell you much about their story or past, because of two reasons:

A – It won’t change anything for that dog now

B – It promotes hate.  People get angry. While we understand their emotion, we strive to embrace #bekind to animals and our fellow humans.

So, the reason why we disclose her past, which is not a brutal story of torture – but a case of abandonment – is so you get inside her head and identify with her and accept her beauty and her quirks that come from years isolated.  This dog deserves a second chance.

Moo loves people - she does fabulous with men and women alike.  In fact, she would do great with kids, if they are ready to be bowling pins, because her energy is 110mph, and she loves everyone.  If you have kids over 8, we feel confident Moo and them will be best buds.

While here at the farm we have been focusing on Moo’s health and Moo’s mind.  She has the typical pitty allergies that are improving as we control her diet, environment, and eliminate the common culprits.  Blood tests do show that she’s healthy otherwise.   We are also addressing her mind, by creating a home environment that is structured, nurturing, and fair.  As we take applications to adopt Moo, our team is committed to her success and will be working with you and her after the adoption to ensure she is happy in a forever home.  She is house broke, has good manners, is eager to learn, and is the best cuddler on the planet.  She loves car rides and hiking up the hill side. In fact, she can help pull you to the top.

If you are Moo’s second chance, the first step is to complete the adoption application right here:



Here is a little look inside our process, so you know what to expect:


When you see an animal you would like to find out more about and meet, please go fill out our adoption application to start the process.

Our adoptions are not first come first served, but a match of the needs of the animal with the best potential adopter.  You can expect to hear from us within 1 week after submitting your application.

With review of your application, we check references and speak to your veterinarian. During that process we will also schedule a time for you to come meet and get to know your new furry friend. If you have other animals, we will want to do some intros at that time. We then ask you to take a few days to think about it and let us know. Next, we come to your house and do a last meet and greet before finalizing the adoption. All adopters sign a contract with the Furry Farm Rescue.  All of our adoptions come with a 2 week trial period. This allows you and your new furry friend some time to bond and decide if this is a forever family. 



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