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Marty T.

Female Adult German Shepherd Dog (mixed)

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Thulani Senior German Shepherd Rescue

About Marty T.

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Marty T. is a beautiful 7-year-old female German Shepherd that arrived at the shelter as a stray.   She did not have a collar ID but she did have a Microchip.   Unfortunately, the chip was not registered so her prior family could not be identified.   This meant that the only way that Marty could be reunited with her prior family was if they came looking for her.    Unfortunately, this did not happen and Marty waited in the shelter for a long 6 weeks perhaps knowing that her time to remain there was getting short.

Marty T. Summary:
Marty is a Female, 7 yrs old, weighs 78lbs, current on shots, spayed, House-Trained
- Good with Adults, dogs, kids 8 and up, and travel in the car

Based on Marty's condition when she arrived at the shelter it appeared that she may have been stray for a while or was in a situation where her owner was neglecting her care.  On arrival, she had an enlarged Mammary Gland, was unspayed, had what appeared to be chronically inflamed ear canals, and had hair thinning/loss on her hind end.   All these conditions are consistent with a dog that is mostly outside and not getting the best of care...  No matter what her situation was it may have been a lucky break that Marty landed in the shelter.   She now had a place to sleep that was not outside in the dirt, she was getting regular meals, receiving vet care for her ailments, and had the possibility of finding a new home that would actually love and care for her. 
As a result, Marty has been spayed and while this procedure was being done they took the opportunity to do a deep cleaning of her ears.   We suspect that poor Marty had been experiencing ear discomfort for quite some time.   The spay procedure went well and it is hoped that as a result, her enlarged caudal mammary gland will also improve... but we will be monitoring this.    Lastly, Marty was treated for dermatitis that was causing her to have hair loss (or thinning) on her back by her tail and this has now completely restored her beautiful coat. 

We understand from the shelter volunteers that Marty enjoyed going out on walks but was frequently so excited to get out of her kennel that she would pull a bit on her leash.   Her new owner should plan on taking her out for regular moderate walks to help her practice her leash manners and also as a good first step in helping Marty bond with them.  Pet store training classes are also a good idea as they promote the owner and the new dog working together which strengthens the bond between them.

To protect Marty from the perils of dogs that run out of time at the shelter, the shelter tried to foster Marty with a family that had a few existing dogs... both female.   The smaller of their two seemed to want to protect or guard Marty from coming in contact with the family's Mother so the family decided to suspend their fostering of Marty... but with some persistence and patience such a behavior can be modified but in this specific case it did not seem that the foster wanted to go through the effort so Marty came back to the shelter.  Marty did get along fine with the family's larger female dog.  The other comment that the foster family had was that Marty was not a fan of being in a crate... especially if she could not see any people outside the crate.    This is not unusual but often times it makes a big difference in how a dog views its crate experience based on the reasons they are placed in the crate.    We find that GSDs, in particular, seem to love sleeping in a crate that is a bit small for them as they feel secure in the tight space (perhaps like a den).   It also helps to feed them in their crate to let them associate the crate experience with the pleasure of eating.   When it's feeding time it not unusual to see them run to the crate to wait for their food bowl.   The point here is that if you have some persistence and have a desire to address minor behavioral issues the rewards are very satisfying for your family and are great for the well being of the dog.

Thulani Senior German Shepherd Rescue (TSGSR) also did its own evaluation of Marty shortly after arriving at the shelter.  As we approached Marty's kennel gate she actively approached us for a friendly greeting.   We also found Marty was anxious to get out of her kennel for a walk.   She did pull a bit on her leash but nothing excessive and it was not too different than any other large shelter dog.  Marty was allowed to roam and explore in an isolated play-yard and she did a lot of sniffing and exploring but occasionally she did check back in with us which let us know that she does have some drive or need to create social connections and she did seem to enjoy any attention we would give her.  Marty also met Kobuk, who is a Thulani resident GSD and who is frequently employed to help us evaluate dog-on-dog interactions.   When the two dogs met each other it was a fairly relaxed greeting.   There was a bit of sniffing and "nosing" around but all friendly dog-speak for "glad to meet you".

TSGSR also tests new dogs to make sure they do not resource guard food or toys from people and are comfortable with being handling all over their body (head, ears, teeth, tail, feet, belly,... etc) without exhibiting any unfriendly reaction.  We find these tests are a good indicator of how safe a dog is likely to be in a family's home.   Marty had no problems with the resource guarding or the body feel test so she earned high marks for this test.

TSGSR has now rescued Marty from the shelter and has transported her to the headquarters of TSGSR in N. California.   She has joined a handful of other GSDs that are new to TSGSR and are being further evaluated to determine the best foster home for them while a forever adoptive home is being found.

Updates on Marty since her arrival at TSGSR:
During the past several months Marty has had the good fortune of being fostered at a home that had the skills to help her refine many of her behaviors.  She now has a good recall, walks well on leash and also knows sit... although her sit may still need some work.   She has become better behaved in the kitchen... learning that the counters are not to be explored even though they are within her reach.  

Like most active GSDs she loves to fetch a ball but her response to “drop it” is not there at this point... so often the use of a second ball can be used to keep the game of fetch going.  When she returns with the 1st ball, the second one can then be thrown.  Marty also likes to "talk" when she gets excited.

Marty now goes in her crate without complaint but she will bark for a few minutes if left there alone.  She gets along OK with the foster's male GSD, but Marty would love to be the number one dog.  She does seem to get along best with other dogs in the household when they are laid back or if the owner accepts and takes on the role of "pack leader".   The foster also advised that Marty would likely do well with older kids (8 years and up).

We are still getting to know Marty so we will be continuing to update her bio.

What's Next for Marty T.:
Thulani Senior German Shepherd Rescue (TSGSR) will continue to see that Marty is well cared for and receives all medical care needed for her well being.  In addition, TSGSR is beginning a search for an adoptive home that will care for her for the rest of her life.  Marty will come to her new home with a supply of food, a cushy pad if wanted, and other goodies such as toys. 

Since Marty is younger than the 10+ year old dogs that Thulani usually rescues, she will come with only limited medical coverage.

If you want to learn more about Marty, or are possibly interested in providing an adoptive or foster home, please send us a message by clicking on the "Ask About Me" button.  We will often get feedback or "updates" from a dog's foster home and as any updates become available they will be included here.

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