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Darla (Courtesy Listing)

Female Adult Labrador Retriever Hound (Unknown Type) (mixed)

If you have any questions about Darla (Courtesy Listing), please contact West Coast Labrador Retriever Rescue at

West Coast Labrador Retriever Rescue

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About Darla (Courtesy Listing)


Darla is an adult hound/labrador retriever mix, 50-55 lbs. About 3 years old. She was rescued from a shelter, and just after that surprised us by giving birth to 7 puppies! They were born on March 22, and there were 4 girls and 3 boys. *All have now been adopted. 

Darla was a great mom to them. All her little pups adored her.  She is non-aggressive and very nice with other dogs but not sure about kitties.  

She is loving with her people, and she greets with a happy tail wag and lots of wiggling. However, we've noticed that she is timid of young active kids. 

Overall, she is a calm, sweet girl who just needs a little one on one to blossom. Note that she can jump a 6-foot fence. She will need an escape-proof yard, or ideally not to be left by herself outside until she has settled into her new home.  Someone home a lot and/or who can take Darcy along on outings would be a plus.  

Please text - Barb Marsh 909-938-0847 

PLEASE DO NOT INQUIRE ABOUT DARLA THROUGH THE WCLRR ADOPTION EMAIL OR APPLICATION PROCESS. WCLRR is posting DARLA as a courtesy and does not have information or a connection to DARLA. We do ask that if you love DARLA and would like to give her a great furever home, please contact her people directly. We'd also ask for a small donation to WCLRR to help us continue to save dogs whether via adoption or courtesy post :)



Darla (Courtesy Listing)
3 years, 3 months
Shots up to date
Not Sure
Ok with kids
Not Sure
Not Sure
Not Sure
Ok with dogs
Ok with cats

West Coast Labrador Retriever Rescue

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Labrador Retriever

Meet Bonnie. She is a 3-4-year-old Labrador Retriever mix. Bonnie is a very timid, shy, and adorable girl. She came to us via the shelte... show more

Meet Bonnie. She is a 3-4-year-old Labrador Retriever mix. Bonnie is a very timid, shy, and adorable girl. She came to us via the shelter where her previous owner turned her in. Abused, starved, and starting to shut down when we met her. When her foster parents brought her into their home, she spent the first few days trying to hide under any surface that she would fit in. They took her to the vet to be checked out and found out her spay sutures had started to come undone, and an infection had started. The veterinarian fixed the opened area and treated the infection. Within a few days, it was apparent that Bonnie began to feel better.  Bonnie has come a long way during the time she has spent with her foster family. She now plays with her foster siblings and has made herself at home, sitting on the couch and dog beds and even plays with toys. Bonnie gets along great with other dogs and loves to play and run around their yard. She also settles nicely and enjoys spending time in her crate or the room with the family. Bonnie sleeps through the night; she is potty trained and knows how to use a doggy door. She is not food or toy aggressive. Bonnie possibly never took a walk. Her foster family is working with her on this. She is still a little scared when you first put the collar or leash on her, but once the walk begins, she relaxes and walks nicely. She is also learning to ride in the car. She is still afraid of this and will need more work.  Bonnie is currently fostered with four other dogs and is thriving with them. She will need to go to a home that has at least one dog that is willing to play with her. Her new family needs to be patient and continue to work on her trust. Most new things can scare her (like being dried off with a towel), but in time, she comes around.  Bonnie is spayed, up to date on shots, and microchipped. If you believe Bonnie is a good fit for your family, please fill out the application on the WCLRR web site. If you are already approved to adopt, please send an email to and express your interest in Bonnie. show less

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Labrador Retriever

Meet Josie! She is a three-year-old female yellow Labrador. Josie is smart and has already perfected commands such as sit, down, shake,... show more

Meet Josie! She is a three-year-old female yellow Labrador. Josie is smart and has already perfected commands such as sit, down, shake, and stay in the short time she has been with her foster family. Also, her beautiful yellow coat, golden ears, and adorable doggy smile make her even more charming. Josie is unique in that she loves to play fetch and display her puppy energy at times but usually has a very calm and cuddly disposition. She loves her belly rubs and playing with squeaky toys or bones. While toys might be fun for her for a little while, Josie is a people pup at heart and would alternatively be getting love from her family. This loyal companion loves to roll over at your feet and hang out with you in the most heartwarming way.  The only time that her gentle demeanor might change is when it comes to her toys. She sometimes displays some signs of possessiveness over them. For this reason, we would recommend Josie is placed in a home with children over the age of 12. Josie appears to be indifferent on walks and does not have any strong reactions to other dogs a distance. However, when coming in close contact with dogs she has not met before, Josie can get easily scared and cowers behind her handler. We believe Josie would like to be in a home with a family that will shower her with love and attention. Also, a family who is home most of the time or works from home.  A critical note about Josie is her curiosity, which sometimes leads her to get distracted by frequently sniffing on walks. This mannerism is easily fixable with a little bit of training and is most likely due to a lack of walks in her previous life. When meeting new people, Josie is sometimes a little more shy and submissive but is an absolute sweetheart once she has had a chance to warm up to her new friends. Josie is a pleasure to have around the house. She sleeps through the night without needing a crate, does not beg or jump on counters, is potty trained, and makes every day so much more enjoyable. Josie has visited our veterinarian for a complete physical and exam. She is a healthy girl, spayed, microchipped, and up to date on her shots.  If you think that’s Josie would be a fit for your home, please complete our application. If you have been approved, please send an email to  show less