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Male Adult Labrador Retriever Terrier (Unknown Type, Medium) (mixed)

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Mother Gaia Animal Rescue

About Muttley

Meet Muttley! 

Muttley is a 7.5 year old neutered pup with an overwhelming amount of love and sweetness to share. He is truly the BEST dog for the right home. As his name suggests, he’s a mixed breed, but his current guardians prefer to call him a Golden Schnauzador. 

Muttley has lived with his human family since he was a puppy and has been the most incredible companion. His favorite activity is resting his head in your lap while you watch a movie or read a book. He has a goofy personality, enjoys good ole’ fashion backyard zoomies, and is not afraid to spoon in bed on a late Sunday morning.  He enjoys a good walk, light hike or romp in the park, but isn’t up for any super strenuous exercise. This sweet fella was cruising along, living his best life and - out of nowhere - his life changed.  

Muttley’s current family has a new small baby and Muttley is struggling to adjust to his new reality.  He is longing for the time when his guardians gave him all of the attention and love. Muttley seems to be jealous of the new baby and has exhibited some concerning behavior that indicates he’s just not comfortable living with a small human who steals all his thunder! He has not shown any concerning behavior with other child visitors.  We think he really just needs to know and feel deeply that he is at least one human’s special - and best - and only - friend. While Muttley has lived successfully with another dog and multiple cats, we sense that he would ultimately prefer to be in a single animal home so he doesn’t have to compete for top dog status. And with his sweet dedication, we are sure he shouldn’t have to!

This guy will bring his new home so much joy. He takes his role as best friend extremely seriously, and never disappoints and he is dreaming for the same from his new human family. Wherever he lands, his new guardians will be extremely lucky to have him in their lives!  Are you interested in meeting Muttley and considering if he might find safe and soft landing in your loving home? 



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