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Female Adult German Shepherd Dog (mixed)

If you have any questions about Naomi, please contact Sauver Des Chiens, Inc. at

Sauver Des Chiens, Inc.

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About Naomi

Howdy y’all! I heard you’ve been looking for ‘mans best furiend’ well, look no further! 

My name’s Naomi, and I’ll tell you why I’m the best good girl out there. 

At five years young, I’m an adult and I act like it. I love my walkies, but I won’t pull you! I like to walk right alongside you, even if we’re not leaving the house, I’ll be your little side shadow. I don’t potty in my kennel and I NEVER potty in the house. I love LOVE love food; I will REALLY show how much I love you AND food if you bring out something yummy. I’m not picky either, just super grateful to have noms and a full belly. I don’t mind sharing my toys with others and I really love having a big dog to play with! The smaller dogs and cats are fun for chasing, but foster momma says that’s rude so I try not to anymore. I am a southern lady y’all - I have manners. 

I have never met a stranger, including children! I am a little unsure of myself when seeing strange dogs, but given time to adjust and do my sniffs, we usually become friends. 

Please message my rescue if you are interested in meeting me! I would love to meet you!



Shots up to date
Ok with kids
Ok with dogs
Ok with cats
Heartworm Status
Heartworm Positive (Slow Kill Method)
Behavioral Issue
None Known

Sauver Des Chiens, Inc.

P.O. Box 1091 Sealy TX 77474

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German Shepherd Dog

GEORGIE Georgie is my latest foster love and he’s looking for a Valentine and forever home. Georgie was found off of I59 with his mom an... show more

GEORGIE Georgie is my latest foster love and he’s looking for a Valentine and forever home. Georgie was found off of I59 with his mom and is only a pup. He was very scared of people and everything but is finally coming out of his shell. There are still things that scare him and he will just lay down on the floor and cower when that happens, sometimes it’s a car driving by when we are on a walk or just not wanting to walk by a cat in the house. When he’s comfortable though he’s a totally fun goof ball who loves to play. He needs an adopter who is patient and confident so that he can become more comfortable with people and out on walks. He loves to be in the same room with people once he’s comfortable with them. He is about 6-7 months old, but is well behaved. He doesn’t get on the furniture and now that he’s not so scared we are working on commands such as “lay down, stay, and sit” and he’s doing very well and picking up on things very quickly. His favorite things to do are play, chew bones, get pets and loves, and take naps. Georgie isn’t a barker, as in he doesn’t just sit there and bark for no reason but he will bark when someone knocks on the door. He’s a great dog, loves babies, toddlers he tolerates as much as the rest of us do, and cats he’s not too fond of but we are working on that. My favorite thing about Georgie is his big, soft, ears, I call him Georgie Big Ears and that’s my favorite place to pet him. If you are interested in meeting or adopting Georgie please let me know or contact Sauver Des Chiens German Shepherd Dog Rescue show less