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Female Senior Poodle (Miniature) (mixed)

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About Tina

Tina is a very special little girl who came to us as a transfer in from Releash Atlanta.  She is about 9-10 y/o, she weighs 6lbs, and she has all of 2 teeth left.  She loves other dogs and is happiest when she has several playmates around, but she is a little diva and has no problem putting the bigger dogs in their place if they get too rough with her!  She eats well (she even scarfs down dry food!) and is (mostly) housetrained.  Tina enjoys wandering around our yard, sniffing and exploring and finding dirt to roll in, so we usually keep her coat cut pretty short - she has beautiful poodle curls when it's longer!

Unfortunately, Tina comes from a difficult background, and as such, she is very skittish with people.  She wants to be in the same room with you, to know that you're there, but TINA IS NOT A LAP DOG OR SNUGGLE BUDDY.  With a lot of time and patience, she will let you hold her from time to time, but she does not enjoy being petted or cuddled.  Tina is also in the early stages of dementia, which we are treating with hopes of slowing it down.  What this means for her day to day life right now is that she likes to pace a particular path around the yard, back into the house, and back around the yard again.  After she's done her pacing, she will eventually curl up in a bed near you and take a nice long midday snooze, before she's up to walk her path again.

Tina has some unique quirks, but she is a sweet, happy, adorable little dog.  She will wag her tail at you and follow you gladly from room to room.  She wants to find someone who loves her and accepts her as she is, and we believe that perfect family is out there!  Tina needs a fenced yard, so she can safely walk her paths, and she would do best in a home with another dog or two for companionship.  She is not destructive and does not have to be crated / confined, as long as she has a buddy around and is not totally alone (which scares her).  Will you be Tina's special family?

Adoption Fee: $75 (Overlooked Oldie)



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Bella is an incredibly old Dachshund Mix who was found abandoned in a shopping center parking lot, turning round and round, lost and con... show more

Bella is an incredibly old Dachshund Mix who was found abandoned in a shopping center parking lot, turning round and round, lost and confused.  She is believed to be at least 16 years old.  She is about 20lbs, but very underweight.  Bella is a true hospice case - the list of issues she has goes on and on. She is heartworm positive. She has a 6/6 heart murmur. She was full of intestinal parasites. She’s dehydrated. Her spine is fusing with arthritis. Her rib cartilage is mineralizing, and she has odd nodules on her ribs. Her ear flaps are destroyed from fly bites. She’s suffered some sort of head injury, and her pupils are messed up. She wobbles when she walks. She’s either got early stage dementia, or the aftermath of the head injury. She is a HOT MESS. But she eats her food and drinks her water happily every day. She wanders all around the big yard and goes on adventures to follow the barn cats. She sees some, and she hears some. When I walk up to her, she wags and wags and wags her tail. She rests her head on my hand, her bat ears fly back, and she just lays there with me. She is a good girl, and we’re committed to keeping her as comfortable as we can for whatever time she has left. Bella is available for a hospice foster. She would prefer to be an only dog, but she will tolerate other dogs around as long as they leave her alone and stay out of her face.  We are committed to paying for her medical needs for the rest of her life. We are not going to treat her heartworm, as she’s too old and sick at this point to survive the treatment. Pain relief and good food and lots of love are the treatment plan for our special girl. show less