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Male Young Domestic Short Hair

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About noah

Adoption Fee: $100

hi.  We’re Rachel’s babies.  Well I guess not babies so much anymore.  Our mama got adopted, as did two of our brothers, but we are still here and our foster mom can’t quite figure out why.  We are nine months old, happy as can be and on the hunt for friends and family to share our life with.  

We are super healthy, up to date on shots and champions with our litter box etiquette.  We are so good at sharpening our nails on our scratching cardboard “furniture”.  And we don’t even mind when our foster mom clips our nails!  We like to eat a mostly raw meat diet and it’s delicious! please ask our foster mom about this if you are interested in learning more.  She has done a lot of research!  

We also cherish (and depend on) our daily play sessions with our toys, romping with our brothers and especially our safe space for outdoor enrichment time!  We all love bed time and look forward to heading up to bed to sleep together with our human(s).  Some of us snuggle and cuddle more than others in bed but we all love being there together.  We are looking for a family who would cherish that special time as much as we do!  We have a big older super fluffy foster brother who teaches us the ropes and he and our foster mom say we are excellent learners!

Each of us sweet boys have our own silly little quirks that we would love to show you and tell you more about, but as an example, we *all* love to bathe, play and snooze on our foster moms robe after she gets out of the hot tub

We have a great life here, but our foster mom says that if she keeps us she can’t help more kittens like us.  And we really needed her when we were 2 days old.  Ask more about our story.  

We are super lucky to be a bonded group of brothers!  We think it would be the coolest to go somewhere all together!  But our foster mom says thats not realistic.  But hey, a handsome guy can dream, can’t he?  And 4 handsome, charming guys … who knows the kind of future we can manifest!!  She did promise we could go in pairs so, if you’re in the market for some dashing darlings like us, fill out an app today!  in case you are wondering here is a great article on the virtues of adopting kittens in pairs:

We are inquisitive, super social, gentle, confident, friendly, kooky kitties!  Do you want to come meet us?  

-Riah, Karen, Tiffy Chow and Noah

noah is ridiculously adorable.  he alternates between happily doing his own thing and completely and totally flirting with humans.  he also loves to romp and snuggle with his litter mate brothers and his big foster brother kitty.  he is a happy guy who will verbalize when he is looking for you with the most adorable little squeaky meow. he defers to his more energetic brothers during the beginning of play time to avoid collisions but when they tire and he gets his chance, he is quite the little hunter himself.  he is such a cool kitty. 



Shots up to date
Ok with kids
Not Sure
Ok with dogs
Ok with cats
Raw Diet Only
Fiv positive
Felv positive

Mother Gaia Animal Rescue

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Labrador Retriever

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Meet Muttley!  Muttley is a 7.5 year old neutered pup with an overwhelming amount of love and sweetness to share. He is truly the BEST dog for the right home. As his name suggests, he’s a mixed breed, but his current guardians prefer to call him a Golden Schnauzador.  Muttley has lived with his human family since he was a puppy and has been the most incredible companion. His favorite activity is resting his head in your lap while you watch a movie or read a book. He has a goofy personality, enjoys good ole’ fashion backyard zoomies, and is not afraid to spoon in bed on a late Sunday morning.  He enjoys a good walk, light hike or romp in the park, but isn’t up for any super strenuous exercise. This sweet fella was cruising along, living his best life and - out of nowhere - his life changed.   Muttley’s current family has a new small baby and Muttley is struggling to adjust to his new reality.  He is longing for the time when his guardians gave him all of the attention and love. Muttley seems to be jealous of the new baby and has exhibited some concerning behavior that indicates he’s just not comfortable living with a small human who steals all his thunder! He has not shown any concerning behavior with other child visitors.  We think he really just needs to know and feel deeply that he is at least one human’s special - and best - and only - friend. While Muttley has lived successfully with another dog and multiple cats, we sense that he would ultimately prefer to be in a single animal home so he doesn’t have to compete for top dog status. And with his sweet dedication, we are sure he shouldn’t have to! This guy will bring his new home so much joy. He takes his role as best friend extremely seriously, and never disappoints and he is dreaming for the same from his new human family. Wherever he lands, his new guardians will be extremely lucky to have him in their lives!  Are you interested in meeting Muttley and considering if he might find safe and soft landing in your loving home?  show less