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Male Young Golden Retriever

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About Auggie

This is Auggie!  He was found as a stray near Ft. Wayne before coming to GRRACE.  He only weighed about 38lbs at first but now tips the scale at 50lbs; he’ll likely always be on the smaller side but is a voracious eater!  Auggie will need a slow feeder bowl otherwise he quite literally inhales his food and will steal his fo-sister’s food in a blink of an eye.

Auggie is believed to be around a year old (maybe less) and acts just like a puppy; full of energy and spunk.  All of that energy will require a structural fence with room to run!  He loves to play rough with his two foster sister goldens and pays no attention to the kitty of the house.  He’s still learning his manners but has mastered Sit and walks very well on leash.  Auggie is really working hard to always go potty outside and is successful 90% of the time;  he does show signs when he needs to go outside so you'll just need to pay attention and he will be at 100% in no time! 

Auggie tried out a crate at first but his foster mom ultimately decided against it when he began hurting his snout.  Auggie does well when left alone in a puppy-proofed living room but would do best in a home where he’s not alone more than 6 hours.  He’s a strong chewer and loves toys so no stuffies for him! 

Because he is still young and learning his own strength when playing, Auggie's forever home should not have children less than 10 years of age.

Auggie LOVES people and will demand you sit to cuddle each and every time he comes in from going outside.   Auggie is a true lapdog!   He has no sense of personal space.  FoMo is greeted every morning to Auggie jumping in bed and cuddling until it’s time to get up.  If you love wet kisses and a constant furry hug, Auggie just may be your guy!

If you have an approved adoption application on file and are interested in Auggie, let GRRACE know.

Adoption Fee: $300



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GRRACE Golden Retriever Rescue

PO Box 513 Plainfield IN 46168

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