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Male Adult Shih Tzu Lhasa Apso (mixed)

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Alternative Humane Society

About Kona

Introducing Kona, a Lhasa Apso or Lhasa Shih Tsu mix. 

He is 7.5 years old and a very mellow, sweet doggy. He is a great napper and not big on walks. He just wants a quiet home where he can relax next to his person(s).

He is leagally blind but he can see shadows.  But it means that he does not chase cats! He is gentle and quiet. I have not heard him bark yet. He has very nice house manners and does not have separation anxiety. He has some crazy sleeping positions. He weighs 27 lb. Kona is also has some hearing loss.  He is big on treats because his nose works great.  He is a very sweet boy.  Give a special needs dog a chance.

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Alternative Humane Society

PO Box 2321 Bellingham WA 98227

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Plott Hound

Meet Domino ❤️ Domino is a super sweet Pittie/Hound(?) mix who loves to be with his people. At 2-1/2 years old, he is still quite energe... show more

Meet Domino ❤️ Domino is a super sweet Pittie/Hound(?) mix who loves to be with his people. At 2-1/2 years old, he is still quite energetic and will do best with a family willing to give him plenty of exercise. A fenced yard would be great, but a large area and two tennis balls will do the trick, too – he’s a fantastic tennis ball catcher! Or, take a trip to the dog park – Domino gets along well with other dogs and loves to play. After playtime, he is quite content to laze around, preferably on an available lap. He’s a joy to pet, as he’s super soft, but be ready… at 50 lbs, he’ll take up your whole lap! Domino knows “sit” and “down,” and is working on “come” and other new commands. He is very smart, trainable and eager to please - he very quickly learned how to use the dog door. Domino LOVES toys and activities that challenge him, like getting a treat out of a Kong toy. Domino does well on walks and is working on improving his leash manners. He does tug when he sees other dogs but he will sit on command and wait patiently until it is time to continue. Need to go out for a bit? No problem. While Domino isn’t a big fan of being put in a kennel and will bark at first, he does calm down. Or, you can take him along – he loves car rides! Because of his energy Domino will not do well with small kids due the knocking over part and he is a no cat dog. Give Domino the forever home he deserves and you’ll be rewarded with lots of love, loyalty and laughter! Domino is available for adoption through the Alternative Humane Society:   show less

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Joey is an energetic, high drive, and super intelligent 82lb, 5 year old Pointer / Dalmatian mix. He's mostly white with a couple brown... show more

Joey is an energetic, high drive, and super intelligent 82lb, 5 year old Pointer / Dalmatian mix. He's mostly white with a couple brown spots. His ears are as soft a rabbit fur and he would love for you to give him a good scratch behind them. Not only does he know basic commands, he is housebroken, has started nose-work and knows what "find it" means, he runs great next to a bicycle, and he even knows how to run on a treadmill for those rainy days when you can't get out for a walk. Joey has also been off-leash trained and just needs someone to keep up on the training to be consistent with it. He knows sit, down, find it, place or stay, back (as in give me some space), out (which is removing whatever is in his mouth), and go potty. Joey loves to go to work. Teach him what you want him to do, and he will give you 110% effort and will not give up. This could be hunting/retrieval/ and flushing to agility/scent-work/or whatever you can think up. He is good around other dogs, big and tiny once settled in. He takes a little bit of time to warm up to new faces, and doesn't really care for people rushing in to greet him as he can be shy. He will come to you in short time if you let him get acclimated. Joey is crate trained and sleeps in his crate great without issues through the night and when your not home. He likes a regular schedule. He would make a great companion to an active single person or couple without children. He doesn't have issues with young people though, he's just big and can sometimes be nervous in new situations and lets be honest, children don't always know how to act around dogs especially nervous dogs. Its best if his future companion was familiar with balanced training and continued it with him as he has responded best to that method and doesn't really have an interest in food during training. The key to Joey's heart is a ball. This dog will play fetch till he drops or you do. Its also a great reward for any positive behavior he shows. He loves his ball, just watch for the slobber that will ensue. Joey needs a home where he can get the attention he needs. Being high drive/energy, he needs to burn it off. He'd make a great companion to someone who already exercise (runs, bikes, or hikes) on a regular basis. Although he is high energy he's been learning to be calm on command and act like a gentleman in the house. Please apply by filling out a statement of interest on our website show less