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Male Senior Pit Bull Terrier (mixed)

If you have any questions about Thomas, please contact Old Dog Home at

Old Dog Home

About Thomas

Thomas is honestly the best dog I've ever had the pleasure of meeting, and I've met a LOT of dogs! I know, I know, everybody says that about the dogs they love, but everyone who meets Thomas falls in love with him! Even people who don’t like dogs, LOVE Thomas.

What makes this boy so special? 1) He’s gorgeous! Not to be superficial, but he has a soft fawn coat, adorable ears, and a loving expression. You’ll be the talk of the town with this gorgeous boy accompanying you.

2) He is fantastic with other dogs. He’s never met another dog he didn’t like, regardless of gender, size, or age. He’s happy to play and roughhouse with the younger dogs, and equally happy to snuggle and snooze in front of the heater with the older dogs. He is submissive to the bossier dogs in the house, never causes any trouble, and would be a great fit for just about any other doggie sibling. (We have not tested him with cats yet, but can do so on request!)

3) Thomas looooves kids! He is playful and likes to wrestle, but he generally doesn’t jump or get wild out of control. He’s even happy to be dressed up and play the role of your pirate companion or tea party guest! Thomas does love to climb on you and lay in your lap (he doesn’t know he’s 52lbs!), so he’d be better with slightly older kids who can stand up to his lovings.

4) Thomas is an easy keeper! He is crate trained, but he’s completely reliable when left loose in the house. He is also housetrained and nondestructive. Your expensive shoes are safe! Thomas recently had his teeth fully cleaned, so he’s got a brilliant white smile, and his pre-cleaning bloodwork all came back perfect. He takes a couple Benadryl daily for seasonal allergies, but he’s healthy as can be and should have many years left to enjoy with you!

Can you believe Thomas sat at the shelter for over 5 months with no interest?? It’s a true testament to his wonderful personality that he lasted so long - the shelter staff did everything they could to give him more time, and when we launched, they begged us to get Thomas out. Unfortunately, Thomas had 3 strikes against him, and we all know what that means.

Strike 1 - Pit Bull Mix. Many people will automatically dismiss this sweet boy simply because of his breed mixture, without getting to actually know him.

Strike 2 - Senior. Thomas is about 8 years old, but you’d never guess it. He is still active and does not need any special medications or extra care.

Strike 3 - Limited Sight. Thomas is not blind, and he can navigate around a house, pet store, or hiking trail without any trouble. However, he does have some sight limitations and sometimes has trouble judging distances (easily managed!).

Thomas is practically perfect in every way, but he’s suffered from people’s preconceived notions about him. He’s been with ODH since December and has had no interest so far. We genuinely can’t believe it! He is cuddly, well behaved, healthy, and fun. Won’t you consider making Thomas a part of your family and giving him that chance he deserves to shine?

Adoption Fee: $200



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Old Dog Home

Conyers GA 30094

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Bella is an incredibly old Dachshund Mix who was found abandoned in a shopping center parking lot, turning round and round, lost and confused.  She is believed to be at least 16 years old.  She is about 20lbs, but very underweight.  Bella is a true hospice case - the list of issues she has goes on and on. She is heartworm positive. She has a 6/6 heart murmur. She was full of intestinal parasites. She’s dehydrated. Her spine is fusing with arthritis. Her rib cartilage is mineralizing, and she has odd nodules on her ribs. Her ear flaps are destroyed from fly bites. She’s suffered some sort of head injury, and her pupils are messed up. She wobbles when she walks. She’s either got early stage dementia, or the aftermath of the head injury. She is a HOT MESS. But she eats her food and drinks her water happily every day. She wanders all around the big yard and goes on adventures to follow the barn cats. She sees some, and she hears some. When I walk up to her, she wags and wags and wags her tail. She rests her head on my hand, her bat ears fly back, and she just lays there with me. She is a good girl, and we’re committed to keeping her as comfortable as we can for whatever time she has left. Bella is available for a hospice foster. She would prefer to be an only dog, but she will tolerate other dogs around as long as they leave her alone and stay out of her face.  We are committed to paying for her medical needs for the rest of her life. We are not going to treat her heartworm, as she’s too old and sick at this point to survive the treatment. Pain relief and good food and lots of love are the treatment plan for our special girl. show less

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Hello all, Bruce Wayne here.  Despite my dark namesake, I am your pretty typical Yellow Lab...  Happy go lucky, easy going, and blind as a bat.  Badum tss!  Unfortunately, like the true Dark Knight, I've lost my family and am looking for that special sidekick to help me get back out into the world again. I really enjoy being out in the sun, going for strolls around the yard, tackling my dinner with gusto, and goofing off with my friends.  I love listening to music too, and if you play some Pandora on your phone, I'll follow you around and dance with you.  I may be an older fella, but I ain't dead yet!  I am good with dogs of all genders, sizes, and ages, but I have not been cat tested yet - that can be done if my new sidekick is going to be of the feline persuasion! Being blind doesn't stop me either.  I don't mind car rides, like meeting new people, and am happy to go exploring with you, as long as you take it slow and help me not bump into every little thing around me.  Heck, even when I do, I pick myself up and keep going!  Nothing gets me down, and my tail never stops wagging.  I am even housebroken - I don't need my eyes to know the difference between grass and your new carpet! Come pick me up, and let's hop into the Batmobile and drive off into the sunset together. I'm ready, so send in your app!  #GrownPupsForGrownUps #ISeeWithMyHeart show less

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Pupperoo is an 11 y/o generic yellow dog (Old Yeller, as my vet called him) who was an owner surrender to Barrow County Animal Control.... show more

Pupperoo is an 11 y/o generic yellow dog (Old Yeller, as my vet called him) who was an owner surrender to Barrow County Animal Control. He had been with his family since he was a puppy, raised alongside their three children, but unfortunately they were recently evicted from their home and having to move into a homeless shelter. They were unable to bring Pupperoo with them or find him a new home (I suppose), so this poor guy found himself at the shelter. He is about 60lbs of sweet, scared, and confused. A very quiet and gentle boy, who got nervous on the car ride home and pooped all over everything in my life. That's okay, buddy, we got you! Pupperoo is heartworm negative and was neutered when he came into our care.  We also did a full senior blood panel, which came back fantastic.  He is in great shape for his age!  Pupperoo is living with a foster family right now that includes kids, dogs, and cats.  He's learned to be comfortable with all his four legged companions, but he doesn't particularly care for young, pushy dogs.  Pup would do best with an experienced dog owner who knows how to handle slow introductions, as well as with quiet, respectful 4-legged companions.  He is quiet in the house, preferring to spend his time sleeping and snuggling.  He does enjoy a jaunt around the neighborhood each evening and walks very nicely on a leash.  He is housetrained, does not chew anything inappropriate, and is crate trained but does not have to be kept in a crate.  He is a sweet boy who loves booty scratches and causes no trouble at all! If you'd like to meet Pupperoo and show him that family is forever, please contact us!  He can go home with you today! show less