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Male Young Domestic Medium Hair (mixed)

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A Voice for All Paws

About Amos

Adoption Fee: $100

Amos loves to play with with his foster siblings and his very favorite time of the day is bedtime when he wants to sleep on your chest and snuggle! 

Our Amos is a dreamy fluffy soft boy who lives in a world of his own! During the day he loves to lay on the bed napping and waiting for you to come in and love on him!  He's a shy boy who may take a little while to come out of his shell but what a sweet sweet boy he is! 

Amos turned a year old on August 8th.  He is fully vetted, chipped and the sweetest boy! He's shy at first so he may hide, but when he comes out he will smother you with cuddles and love!



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A Voice for All Paws

Foster based rescue Dallas TX 75228

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Domestic Shorthair

    Aileen a 3 legged one year old foster momma who I could not release after trapping her, her kittens , her mom and her moms kittens t... show more

    Aileen a 3 legged one year old foster momma who I could not release after trapping her, her kittens , her mom and her moms kittens through the Trap, Neuter and Release program (TNR)  Aileen was still a kitten herself and very close to her mom , a blue point Siamese mix. Her mom was released. But Aileen young was only semi feral and had an old break in her leg requiring amputation. We made the choice to get her mangled leg amputated and keep her indoors! Aileen quickly adapted to living indoors , but was obviously missing her mom, so her foster mom put her in a room with Zorro, an 8 year old male cat that was mourning the loss of his sister , his best friend, who he had been with his entire life. Zorro and his sister were left at a shelter. His sister was adopted. Zorro completely shut down while sitting in the shelter alone. Zorro did ok in his foster home, but he cried for his sister daily for over six months ! Aileen and Zorro made friends quick. Aileen runs to him whenever she is scared or lonely! Zorro stopped crying for his sister the day Aileen moved in with him. They are always side by side looking out the window watching birds or cuddled up together sleeping. They never venture out of the room they are in because 2 of the older male cats challenge Zorro. He is older and big! But he is lover, not a fighter!  They are so cute together and deserve an entire home to feel safe an get more exercise. I call them the “Odd couple”! They are a bonded pair and must be adopted together.   Zorro fully opened up when Aileen moved in with him. He now enjoys being pet and brushed. He even runs to his foster mom with a meow for hello!  Aileen is still learning to let her foster mom just walk up to her to pet . However, she waits patiently by her door when she knows her foster mom will soon come in and play with her favorite feather wand toy. Her foster mom has taught her to wink if she wants to play! Sometimes it more of a blink, but she tries! She will allow petting if she is next to Zorro. Both will need time to adjust to a new home and are loving, sweet, and playful. Please inquire to learn more about this pair! show less