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Female Young Domestic Shorthair (mixed)

If you have any questions about Ellie, please contact Alternative Humane Society at

Alternative Humane Society

About Ellie

Do you like good conversation?

Ellie is a very talkative and opinionated 1.5 year old calico girl. She just finished raising her last litter of kittens and is still pretty much a kitten herself. She has lots of energy and loves catnip, chasing, climbing and toys. She is pretty independent but she does like to talk to you and let you know what she's investigating the other room. She cuddles up next to you in bed and shows affection by gnawing on your finger.

She might be skittish around little kids. We don't know how she is with dogs, but she might be okay if they ignore her. We think she'll be fine with other cats, but we haven't had her around any adults while she's had her kittens.

Ellie is spayed, micro-chipped, and uptodate on her vaccinations.

If you'd like to meet Ellie, you can fill out a Statement of Interest on the Alternative Humane Society website.


Adoption Fee: $100.00



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Alternative Humane Society

PO Box 2321 Bellingham WA 98227

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English Setter

Hi there! I'm Stella and if you're looking for your perfect dog, I may just be her! I'm a freshly 3 year old English setter. But don't l... show more

Hi there! I'm Stella and if you're looking for your perfect dog, I may just be her! I'm a freshly 3 year old English setter. But don't let that scare you off! I'm just as happy laying on the couch with you as I am exploring the park. I love people, children, other respectful dogs, and even cats! I'm just happy to have someone to hangout with. I will go after your chickens though...I'm a bird dog! And because I love my people so strongly I do whine for a little while when you leave..up to 30 minutes. Is that something you can handle? I believe with some work I would eventually come to realise my humans always come back. I walk nicely on my leash and I love to swim, but above all I really love snuggling. Im also very smart and eager to please! I do have a couple minor issues. My back end has some arthritis and it does tend to hurt a bit. Sometimes when it's really bad I growl when you touch it, but I never bite! Because of this, I'll never be able to be a hunting or running/mountain hiking dog, but I can still play with the best of them! I take daily joint supplements and sometimes antinflamitories to manage my worst days. While I love children, I can't promise I wont nip if they jump on my back end and hurt me. I also have a bit of a dry eye issue and take daily eye drops. But I dont mind! Because I'm an English Setter, I have a high prey drive and may not do good in an unfenced yard or a yard with a short fence. And do to my whining while I'm alone (no home destruction just noise) I wouldn't do too well in a rental home. Crates also make me very sad! I just want to be with my humans! A home with retired parents or no close neighbors is my perfect fit! If you're looking for a nice, affectionate and respectful dog, I'm your girl! Please fill out a statement of interest at I can't wait to meet you! show less