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Male Kitten Domestic Shorthair

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TLC Fosters NP

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Carlisle Cullen
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TLC Fosters NP

27 Wilshire Wood Mackinaw IL 61755

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Domestic Longhair

Apply today! Coco is a regal eight-year-old declawed female long hair. She has... show more

Apply today! Coco is a regal eight-year-old declawed female long hair. She has stunning blue eyes and a silvery "mane" around her face that suggest some Siamese ancestory. Her general demeanor is quiet, but she can be vocal (and opnionated!) when she wants to be. She is quietly curious of houseguests, but craves human company with people she trusts. Although she is declawed, Coco tries her best to realize her hunter lineage by acrobatically chasing string, foil, and anything that crunches. She apparently has some magpie tendencies too - she gently collects my jewelery and brings it to her crate to sit with. We often catch her dragging her toys around the house to her spot under the table, including huge wand-and-string toys that trail comically behind her. One of her favorite things to do is to snuggle next to her person for cuddles and brushes. She'll fall asleep there too if you let her! Coco has a double coat, so she is extremely soft and silky, and she *loves* it when you scratch that special spot behind her ears. Coco would be well placed in a calm home with no other animals or young children. She would be a good companion for adults or mature children who allow her to visit them on her own terms. To see updates on Coco, check out her instagram @pawsitivelyadoptable! show less