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Female Adult German Shepherd Dog

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About Molly

Adoption Fee: $200

Hi, my name is Molly!  I have so much fun hanging out with all the ambassadogs and shepherd lovers at our Adoption Events. I'm still looking for my forevers, could that be you?  At our Homes for Dogs Project event hosted by Coldwell Banker, I  had the best time with kids who showered me with love and treats. And I also got lots of love at the National Adoption Weekend hosted by PetSmart Charities on Nov. 9th. 

My friend Theo has sponsored my adoption fee...from one senior, special needs shepherd mix to another to help make the dream of a forever home come true for me. It makes my heart so happy to be loved so much for Theo to have his mom make it happen. 

I was found as a stray and was brought into rescue after a Facebook campaign drew attention to me and found me a foster home - I am lucky to have been rescued and nursed back to health!  I got to attend Petsmart's National Adoption Weekend event in May - it was so much fun getting to meet everyone and sharing my story! I loved getting lots of pets and making new friends.

So...a little about me - I'm petite, pretty and white!  I've gained about 10 lbs since coming into rescue in October of 2018 and am finally at the perfect weight of about 65 lbs. I am about 10 years old, but don't let that fool you because I'm still full of energy!  I'm a really lovable girl who leans in for pets and snuggles whenever I can!

I am fully recovered from a really bad perianal fistula, which was a very painful infection in my back end.  It’s been over 13 months now and everything is looking good, but I still get nightly applications on my back end of a topical ointment called Tacrolimus just to keep things under control and prevent a flare-up.  I'd really love to find a quiet or moderate energy home with someone who's looking for a mature companion and who will be willing to continue my nightly Tacrolimus treatment, which my foster mom says is not a big deal at all.  And she thinks I'm worth it!  :-)

I'm a really happy girl who loves people, belly rubs, and my foster brothers and sister.  And sleeping!  I also really love, love, love going on walks, and I think I would also make a good jogging companion (for short distances) because I hardly ever stop to sniff or relieve myself along the way - I just like to go!  Check out the video of one of my morning walks with my foster brothers and sister at  You'll be able to see how much my bum has improved from those days with my current park video. I'm really easy going - I sleep through the night and when I wake up, I'm ready for breakfast and then a good walk or run.  At home, I enjoy lots of attention and love and will often nudge your hand or leg to ask for more.  And don't forget my belly rubs!  I'm a really good girl who doesn't have to be crated during the day, so I enjoy snoozing on my favorite bed while my foster mom and dad are at work.  I haven't been formally tested with cats yet, and though I have expressed interested in squirrels and other small critters, my foster mom thinks I might be able to live with a dog-savvy cat.

I would do best with someone who knows a little about my breed or is at least strong enough to handle me when I'm pulling hard on the leash during walks (I just get soooo excited!)  My foster mom and dad tell me I can't be any cuter, and I hope after reading this and looking at my pictures, you think I could be the perfect fit for you and your family!



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Dog Description Levels
Level 3 - Standard Adult Dog. Moderate energy adult dog, needs daily exercise to thrive and stay happy. Adopters must have prior, recent large breed experience as these dogs may have minor behavioral issues or need training.
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PO Box 981332 West Sacramento CA 95798-1332

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German Shepherd Dog

Sweet, snuggly shepherd on your wishlist? Our Harlei snuggles and gives the most loving kisses, typical GSD fashion she's wherever you a... show more

Sweet, snuggly shepherd on your wishlist? Our Harlei snuggles and gives the most loving kisses, typical GSD fashion she's wherever you are. If allowed, she would love to watch shows next to you on the couch with her toys and snooze next to you in bed.  Harlei alternates her nights sleeping on her dog bed in her humans' bedroom with the pack and in her crate in a separate room to be prepared for options in her new home.  An eight-month-old happy girl, Harlei loves her people and gets along with dogs of all sizes and ages. She is currently living with three shepherds ranging from 9 to 4 years of age of various temperaments and our other adoptable pup Mocha. She has charmed Mocha to be her playmate with runs, shared toys and mischief that two pups can get into together.  Although she has lived with cats, she is likely not a good candidate for a home with free reign indoor cats. She has owned the swatting and the scrape on her nose when one of the cats said: "move on, nothing to see here," we believe life will be more comfortable for Harlei if she lived in a home without cats. Harlei is a quiet gal who loves car rides, riding freely in the car and waiting for her person while keeping the driver's seat warm for their return. She loves watching people, attentive to all around her both at her level and in the sky. She is fascinated by flying airplanes and choppers. With an adorable head tilt, she is a gem to photograph and happily looks for direction on how to be the best pup. Treat motivated, she takes her treats with the softest mouth. A gourmet, she loves carrots, bananas, eggs, and cheese on her kibble when you are inclined to share with them with her. She also loves squeaky balls and soft toys with squeaks, bones with marrow, long toys to offer for tug of wars.  Harlei thrives on the human touch, allowing love on her entire body. Harlei has been a doll throughout her vet visits, quickly earning accolades from the vet staff as to how easy she is to handle. Potty and crate trained, Harlei is ready for her forever family who will shower her with affection and continue to remind her that she needs to not tug on people and clothes when she gets super excited. Harlei came to us with hip dysplasia and is on a daily dose of Cosequin. She had an extensive orthopedic exam by a board-certified surgeon with the expectation of healthy, happy life with the adjustments she has made to her gait. She is agile and spry, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound (couches that is). A newly discovered short cut that she's super proud of and being discouraged by her humans.  Super smart, Harlei does need a combination of mental and physical exercise. She would make an excellent nose work or tracking partner in low impact sports. She is an excellent ball dog playing fetch and loves to share her toys for tug of war both with her humans and resident dogs. Harlei has learned "ack" means to stop getting into mischief like counter surfing or running through the house with objects that aren't hers. She is working on basic commands such as park it, sit, off, leave it, down, wait at the door, and to navigate doggie doors. Harlei has good leash manners and is completely potty trained. Harlei loves to fetch her food and water bowls to let you know when its time for refills and is a terrific model for all kinds of wearables from bandannas to reflective vests for night time walks.   Harlei has lived with 4 kids ranging from young adult to 10 years old and was included in many of their dog appropriate activities, watching soccer games from the sidelines and frequented dog parks for exercise. She was also regularly walked by the kids for exercise.  Fostered in Sacramento, Harlei is available for meetings with approved adopters. Adopters interested in meeting Harlei will need prior puppy raising experience of either shepherds or other large breed dogs. And a commitment to puppy classes for her to become the best of her breed as an adult dog. We recommend that she lives with kids that are 10 years or older due to her residual mouthiness when she gets super excited. As always, foster families allow us to say yes to many more shepherds at our local shelters who need rescue help. We provide the support for fostering to be a rewarding experience for that dog you allow to share your home on the path to a great match forever family. The foster button will connect us to help more pups or older dogs based on your preference.   show less

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German Shepherd Dog

Meet Mocha! With her plush coat and love of snuggles with her humans, she reminds us of soft luxurious leather, thus the name. Devoted t... show more

Meet Mocha! With her plush coat and love of snuggles with her humans, she reminds us of soft luxurious leather, thus the name. Devoted to her humans, Mocha is a super confident female pup with her dog pack. Mischievous she loves to play in the water bowls, dig if permitted, run with the wind behind her back in zoomies and play with Harlei.  Mocha is crate and potty trained, sleeps through the night and whines to alert that she needs to head outside to relieve herself. Treat motivated she has learned the household and pack rules easily. Mocha resides with three older German Shepherds and Harlei, another foster puppy. Although she also lives with a cat, their interactions have been limited and she hasn't focused on the cat so far.  On arrival in her foster home, she showed a preference for humans over dogs and resource guarding her humans against the amiable, easy-going Harlei. The adult dogs' corrections were immediately understood and respected by her. Mocha ultimately couldn't resist Harlei's persistent charm campaign, they now spend their day in play - rumbles and tumbles, happy tug of wars with toys and chases that end up with long worn out naps.  She is growing fast with new teeth coming in, she selects toys from the toy baskets until she finds just the right one for her aching mouth. She thinks the squeaky toys are best right now! She also eats all of her meals in the company of all the dogs without any resource guarding. With a lovely sit, Mocha follows the rest of the pack in sitting for her food while it's prepared. Easy to handle, bathe and brush, Mocha's first bath was in the kitchen sink of her foster home. She loves belly rubs and sleeping at her foster mom's feet.  Adopters interested in Mocha will need to have experience raising either shepherd or large breed puppies and be committed to both puppy and ongoing training for her to grow into a terrific adult dog.  Mocha is being fostered in Sacramento for meetings with approved adopters. If interested please fill out an application through our adopt button. She will be available to head to her forever home after her spay. show less